How long before fall arrives?

We were only three nights into the university year, when my child came apartment complaining about the heat in university. She plopped her backside down onto a chair, dropped her bookbag onto the floor, plus looked like the last Rosa summer. She complained plus asked me how long before fall arrives? I laughed plus told her that summer time wasn’t even over yet, plus she had to suck it up. She told me the air-conditioning had already been turned off, plus she was sure that they had heat coming up through the air vents already. After shaking my head plus laughing, which drew some legitimately dirty looks my way, I assured her the heat was not on yet. After a couple of groans plus winds, she told me she knew that, but that is how tepid it was in the university. She wanted me to call the superintendent plus tell them they had to turn on the air conditioner because it was affecting the health of the children. She held up her hand plus told me she didn’t want any stories about how they didn’t have air conditioner in the universitys when I went to university. She said she was pampered by the university plus apartment having perfect air conditioner, plus I am not still having it on was affecting her mind plus attitude. She was spoiled all right, but it wasn’t because of having air conditioner all the time. She was pampered plus spoiled, but only because her daddy gave her everything she wanted, including her own thermostat in her study room plus a heated lavatory connected to it..

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