I wanted to open the window, however the AC unit was in the way.

I knew the air conditioning unit was outside the kitchen.

I lived in this cabin for four years, and I knew exactly where was because whenever I looked out the window I could see the top of the air conditioning unit. What I did not realize until just this past summer, was that I could not open my kitchen window because the AC unit was in the way. We had various really cool weeks during the summer time were the air conditioning wasn’t necessary. I thought that I could open up a window in the kitchen and one in the kitchen, and get a cool breeze blowing to the house, even though I thought wrong. The way the air conditioning unit was installed, they had nailed the windows shut. I thought this was kind of strange, and was going to pull the nails up. When I got outside, I realize air conditioning unit was much closer to the window than I had anticipated! Not only was it close to the window, however it was about 3 inches higher than the windowsill. I called the Heating and A/C contractor, and asked there would be a problem if I open the window? They send an Heating and A/C worker out to the cabin to inspect the situation. Her first question was why did we have the air conditioning unit put directly under the window? I told him it had been there before we even bought this cabin however this was the first summer time when I had considered opening up a window instead of having the AC unit running. She shook her head and told me we were stuck with the AC unit where was.


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