Mom tried her best teaching me how to change the air filter

I laugh now when I remember the frustrated look on my mom’s face last year.

I was a new homeowner, and I went to my mom for everything.

She’d owned houses for years, and I knew she was the best person to consult. However, mom was proving to be snippy every time I didn’t understand what she was saying. I knew part of her frustration was I’d moved so far away, and she missed me so much. Still, I had to move because of my business, and we also needed the time apart. Anyway, she was happy with the house I’d picked and we planned for when she’d come to visit. However, I didn’t have a clue how to change the air filter when it was time to do so. That’s why I called mom to assist me. We spoke on a video call and she did her best to direct my clueless self on what to do. Well, we ended up fighting, and later I gave up on replacing the air filter. I told mom I’d hire an HVAC worker to handle this, and perhaps they’d be nicer teaching me. Mom hung up on me, and I was left laughing so hard. I went ahead and contacted a HVAC worker who was quite willing to teach me how to replace an air filter. Later, I called mom to apologize, and now she’ll be in my home in a few weeks. I am so excited! I’ll show her that I finally learned how to replace my air filter, and several other HVAC maintenance things. The HVAC worker had taught me so much.


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