My new favorite shooting range has great HVAC

I love going to the shooting range.

It’s one of my favorite pastimes.

I’ve been going to an outdoor range for a long time. It’s one of the only ones that I’ve ever frequented because I know the owner and he’s a nice guy. He’s giving me lots of helpful advice over the years. However, things are starting to change. The customer base is starting to look quite different. I’m seeing old regulars who know what they’re doing start to be replaced by novices that make me feel genuinely nervous. On top of that, it’s the middle of the summer and an indoor range is starting to look really good. We’re in the middle of a heatwave and it’s already super hot in this part of the South. Another one of my friends finally convinced me to go to an indoor range not too far from where I live. I must say that the air conditioner was a very welcome relief! I wasn’t even missing much by going to an indoor range. I was cool and comfortable, and of course setting up targets was automated, so all I had to do was flip a switch to bring the target back instead of walking down range, which I was starting to get nervous about at the outdoor range because of all the newbies. I later talked to the manager of the indoor range and mentioned the cool and relaxing air conditioner. He beamed and said that he used to be an HVAC technician so he knew his stuff!

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