The HVAC repair cost more than I could afford to pay

I must admit things haven’t always been rosy in my life. Since I was a kid, times were tough for my mom who was raising me on her own. So, I worked hard to make sure I’d give her the best life when I grew up. I once tried to get a job so I could help mom with some of the bills. But, she was adamant that my main focus should be school, and extracurricular. Mom knew that was a good way to go to college, and get a scholarship. Well, she was right. I managed to join an ivy league school studying the career I wanted to do, and got a full ride. Mom never once had to worry about student loans or paying expensive tuition. I also got a part time job at school, so I didn’t have to worry about pocket money. I graduated with honors, and landed an awesome job with good pay, much to mom’s delight. Three years later, I bought a small 2 bedroom house in need of an upgrade including a new HVAC system. I’d wanted to carry out HVAC repair instead and keep using it to heat and cool my new home. However, when the HVAC expert came by, he told me it would cost so much to repair the aging HVAC system. It was more than I could afford to pay at the time, so I went with a new HVAC system. I got HVAC financing from the HVAC company to cover the cost of the new unit and installation. Well, now I’m living a better life, and it’s all because my mom never gave up on me. She’s also doing awesome.

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