The lights were flickering, plus I knew my friend and I would lose power.

During the summer time my friend and I often have pop-up thunderstorms in our area. The heat plus humidity combined, plus it is the perfect situation for pop-up thunderstorms and/or tornado watches. For two hours, our lights were flickering, plus I knew my friend and I would eventually lose power. The temperature was in the 90s, plus if my friend and I lost power, my friend and I would have no air conditioner. My fiance had not had our generator repair earlier this summer, plus he was half afraid to use it. At the end of last summer, the generator was sputtering plus doing gas out, which was not a wonderful thing, luckily, my friend and I didn’t need to use the generator all last summer. This summer time was going to be different. My buddy and I had already lost power twice, but it came on within an hour plus my friend and I didn’t legitimately miss the air conditioner unit. If our power when out on this day, it would actually be out the entire evening. Not only would my friend and I have to go without air conditioner, but my fiance’s oxygen plus BiPAP would not be toiling. I was worrying more about him with his oxygen BiPAP, then I was about my asthma plus not having air conditioner. At the first sign of power being offer more than an hour, my fiance called a hotel that was within a few miles of home. When they told him they only had one vacant room, he told him to save it plus my friend and I would be there within an hour. My buddy and I packed up his CPAP plus portable oxygen, plus headed to the hotel, hoping their air conditioner would continue toiling.

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