The repairman knew what she was doing

I have nothing more than to see a professional at work.

I suppose it’s pretty neat to see someone that has trained to do a job actually well do what they’re good at.

So when I was unlucky enough to have my cooling system breakdown in the middle of a boiling summer time afternoon, of course I did what most sane people would do & I called a heating & A/C specialist to come out & repair it for me so I could get it up & running as suddenly as possible. It didn’t take long for the heat to suddenly start rising in my house & it was becoming boiling & uncomfortable honestly suddenly. I could already start to feel the sweat starting to run down my skin & I was eager to suppose of having that cool air flowing & the house again. And all that would happen soon enough if I could just get the heating & A/C girl to repair my cooling system. When the sky first came out I was a little bit sad about having him as my heating & A/C repair woman. This is just because she looks actually young & I guess I underquoted him because I thought a young girl like that couldn’t possibly know what she was doing. I willadmit when I say I am biased towards older Heating, Ventilation & A/C specialists. But this girl actually did prove me wrong because she actually knew her stuff. She was actually smart & explained to me exactly how my heating & A/C system worked, & told me in fantastic detail about what she was going to do to repair it. Then she let me watch him labor & within only a half an hour she was finished. I was actually impressed & I feel awful for misjudging him.

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