There was no entrance into the boiler room.

I had just moved into my current apartment, and I was so glad to finally beyond my own, then for 22 years I lived with my parents, however now I was graduated from college and had a great task; I knew it was time to have an dwelling of my own; My dwelling turned out to be half of the double home.

It was elegantly decorated, and the cabin was completely furnished, except for the huge kitchen, then all I had to do was bring my kitchen furniture and I was home.

My father came to look at the apartment, and the first thing she start looking for was the heater! She knew there was a boiler and air conditioning unit, because it found the AC unit and the temperature control, but when she could not find was the heater. I showed in the door that led into the basement, however that did not get them somewhere. What she found out was that the boiler was shared by both sides of the house, which made sense because I did not have to pay for heat, and the problem was that since there was no way to get to the heater, what happened if we needed work done. My dad called the homeowner, and asked what happened is something happened to the heater. She said the door to the boiler room was part of the other renters property. If something happened to the boiler we would have to wait until they reported it to him and she was able to come to their cabin with the Heating and A/C worker and have it repaired. The only thing dad had to say, was asking me if I had signed a lease.


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