Bats in my attic and ductwork

Last week I was startled awake by a strange noise in my HVAC vent and it took me several minutes to figure out what I was hearing.

Initially, I thought that maybe an old sock or something had gotten into the vent and was flapping around.

Then, after a bit, I realize that the sound must be some kind of an animal, perhaps a bird, that had gotten stuck into the ductwork. But then I heard a squeaking sound, almost like a mouse makes, and then I realized it must be a bat that was in my HVAC vent system. I didn’t sleep anymore that night. After a while, the fluttering calm down but it didn’t go away entirely. I called up animal control but they suggested I call a pest service instead. The pest service came out and they set up traps to get the bats out of my attic and relocate them. Evidently, my attic was infested with bats. They also took apart my entire ventilation system and it removed some of the bats. Finally, the bats were all gone and I had to hire an HVAC company to come and repair the vents that the bats head been in. I also wanted a thorough ductwork cleaning as I was concerned that I had been breathing all of that bat guano for months on end. I also hired a professional cleaner to clean up my attic. It cost me a lot of money for everything to be cleaned and the bets to be rehomed like they were but now my attic is sealed off and it shouldn’t happen ever again. What a nightmare this was.

heater technician