My HVAC System Needed Attention

My HVAC system has been working so well lately plus I’m absolutely proud of how far it’s come.

When I became a first time homeowner, I had no idea how much labor went into keeping everything working properly.

The HVAC system was one big aspect of homeownership that I had no know-how about plus I had to learn hastily! During the first 6 months of home ownership, I was paying outrageous prices for my yearly utility bill plus I thought that it was normal. One afternoon though, my Mom saw the utility bill laying on my counter plus he assured me that I was overpaying. This is when my pal and I both realized that my HVAC system needed severe attention. My Mom helped me upgrade the air filter that day plus then he contacted a trusted HVAC company to come repair my HVAC system. I had no idea what this would entail, however my Mom was confident that my HVAC system needed professional attention. The HVAC professional came the following day plus examined all the HVAC component for over an hour. He moved about the house for over an hour, working on my HVAC system. When he was finished, he said that my HVAC system was severely neglected by the previous owners plus it needed a lot of attention. The HVAC professional said that he took extra time to clean, grease, plus repair everything. I didn’t feel the air filter upgradement plus the HVAC professional would lower my utility bill severely, even though I was wrong! The following month, my air felt cleaner plus my utility bill was half the price!