New HVAC company is great

When my a/c stopped working I started asking around to find a reputable, local HVAC company who might be able to repair it; For some reason, my neighbors all told me not to use the new HVAC company in town.

They said to stick to the company that has been here for generations. I kept trying to find out why I shouldn’t use the new HVAC company. After all, they had some entirely fine coupons they had mailed out. None of my neighbors could give me a fine answer. After probing a little more it became apparent to me that none of them had used the new HVAC company. They just didn’t trust them. I don’t know that is fair. Why should the seasoned HVAC company get all of the business? So I decided to call the new HVAC company and take luck of their coupons. The owner of the company himself came out and tested my a/c. He got it up and running in no time and he didn’t charge genuinely much. I was genuinely satisfied. So, a week later when another neighbor was looking for a/c maintenance I told her to use the new HVAC company. I vouched for them and she listened. She also saved a lot of money and her a/c works fine now too. I will keep doing this until they don’t need my help anymore. After all, my friend and I need to help each other out. I like to see someone trying something new. It is brave and I would hope that someone would do the same for me if I tried to open a company.

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