Smart temperature control helps when I’m sick

I have been up all night sick; I knew I should have eaten at that diner for lunch.

It had a entirely poor health rating, however, my buddy swore it was a entirely fantastic place and that she eats there all the time! So I gave in and gave it a try; Now I feel awful.

I keep puking even though there is nothing left in my belly. I also feel super sizzling one minute and cold cold the next. I absolutely have food poisoning. I’ve already called out sick to toil tomorrow day. I refuse to take any medication to make me feel better because I assume it is better that I get rid of this poor food. However, I feel poor for my cat, then every time I get up and dash to the bathroom I wake him up. He looks sad and he keeps following me. I told him to go to sleep but he’s not listening; There is not much I can do. I am grateful for my smart temperature control through this sickness though. I can control the temperature with my voice or on my phone. So as I get sizzling I can turn the furnace down, but when I get cold I turn it back up. I do all of this without having to walk to the temperature control. That is nice at least. I would wake my pet up a lot more if he was always following me to the temperature control. I hope I feel better soon and that I get at least a few hours of sleep. I am tired, then also, I am tired of being sick.

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