Using an old window air conditioning unit at a yard sale

I do not see the purpose of a yard sale, but you just end up resting outside for hours on end plus end up making about $40, but i would rather just donate all of our unwanted stuff to a thrift store plus be done with it.

And yet, my husbandy insist on having a yard sale multiple times a year, and this last time it was super hot and, by the time I was done hauling all of our stuff onto the lawn, I was already regretting this day… Even still, I ended up staying outside with my husbandy while people picked through our old trash.

I decided that, this week, I was not going to roast to death. I clogged in our old window a/c unit into an extension cord plus then I set my chair right in front of it. It wasn’t too awful resting there plus staying cool. I could have made a little bit more money if I’d have been willing to sell the old window a/c unit because a few people made offers to buy it. They could see how well it works plus how comfortable I was however I would not hear of selling it, and we’ve had this old window a/c unit for as long as we’ve been married so that makes it pretty old. Still, it works better than anything they make this week. Additionally, there is still a lot of junk my pal and I have not sold plus that means more yard sales in the future. So I better keep this old window a/c unit around a bit longer so I can be cool plus comfortable for them too.

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