Why can’t my family close the door to the laundry room?

There are no Heating plus A/C vents in our laundry room. That, combined with the fact that there are dryer vents leading outside, makes the laundry room always undoubtedly hot plus uncomfortable. It’s basically the same temperature as the air outside. Since the door leading to the laundry room is sealed, this absolutely is not a large issue unless someone leaves the laundry room door open. The temperature control for the Heating plus A/C system is right next to the laundry room so that means that if the laundry room door is left open the temperature control feels the sizzling air plus it runs the a/c constantly. It should be a straight-forward thing to just leave the laundry room door closed. Apparently it’s not! Over the past six months there have been various opportunities where someone has failed to close the laundry room door plus the a/c has made the rest of the house undoubtedly cold. It happened last night, and my associate and I were all asleep plus my pal and I woke up to a undoubtedly cold morning; Last week, someone left the laundry room open before my pal and I went to labor plus my pal and I came dwelling to a chilly cold house. This makes for some pretty costly electric bills plus I’m not sure what to do about it. I checked that the door is closed often however I can’t be on top of it all of the time. I’m thinking of getting some sort of an alarm installed or maybe I can just get a self-closing door put in so that the door can’t be left open. I do not know. if all else fails, maybe my pal and I can just transport the temperature control away from the laundry room so that at least the a/c wouldn’t run constantly when the door is left open.