Heating our basement was not an easy task

My husband, Vince, and I bought our first home about three years ago. We had been married for over ten years at that point, but we never settled into one area long enough to buy a home there. We had to move quite a bit because of my husband’s job. I am so thankful that he switched positions at his job, so that we could actually settle down and buy a home. It is sort of an older style home. It has lots of room as opposed to an open floor plan. I actually prefer the more traditional style home, so I love our house. There are five bedrooms upstairs, and the downstairs area is very large and homey. We also have a huge basement. Even though the kids each have their own bedroom, they really wanted somewhere to rough house and play together. We decided that the basement would be perfect for that. The only issue with using the basement was that it got really chilly down there during the wintertime. There was no heat down there, so we had to come up with our own heating system. We had two electric space heaters that we tried putting down there, but it just did not cut it. It is such a big area, and those electric space heaters only got it up to around fifty degrees. I know the kids would have been fine with that, but I wanted it to be a bit warmer for them. We eventually decided on getting a propane fireplace to go down there. It works great, and along with one of the electric heaters, it keeps the basement at about seventy degrees.

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