I cannot seem to keep my office the right temperature

My hubby & I moved halfway across the country about two years ago because he was offered a good position in a current business.

  • I then had to find a current job which I did not look forward to, however thankfully, I found one within a weeks of searching.

I have a higher paying job which is nice, but I have to say that more than 2 of my coworkers are quite hard to get along with. I left a job filled with friends, & I just do not see myself developing more than 2 friendships here. I do have one loyal friend that I am thankful for, however the rest of my coworkers seem to dislike their jobs & their lives. I have had trouble lately with the temperature in my office. I set the temperature control just where I want it to be, however it consistently ends up in a uncommon location by the end of the morning. One of my coworkers told me that she saw another coworker going into my office to put some papers on my desk while in my dinner break, & he was the only person who went into my office besides me that entire morning. I hated to recommend that he had been messing with my temperature control, but I could not come up with any other logical explanation. I did something quite naughty last year & set up a camera in my office so that when I went to dinner split I could see what went on. Sure enough, that same coworker as last year dropped some things off in my office & turned my temperature control up. I do not understand why, but I am going to have to report him now that I have video evidence.


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