I have trouble changing air conditioning filters

I love my job, but no job is perfect.

I drive a school bus for a living.

I live in a relatively small town, and the people are so kind. They take care of their children and teach them manners and how to behave on the bus. I have only had to write up a child for misbehavior one time in my entire career. People often tell me that I am crazy for loving my job as a bus driver, but they do not understand how well behaved the children on my bus are. The only thing that I do not like about working at the bus garage is that I do not have work for the summertime. It is not that I need the money, but rather that I need something to do during the summer months. I like to keep myself busy. Last summer, I did some HVAC work. Well, it was not really HVAC work because all I did was clean air conditioners for the entire summer. I worked in a few businesses that a friend of mine owned, and there were a total of two hundred and fifty individual air conditioning units in the buildings that I worked on. Cleaning and maintaining the air conditioners was all that I did. I had no experience prior which I did not think would be a problem because I was just going to be cleaning air conditioners all day long. I was asked to change the air conditioning filters in particular air conditioners throughout the buildings, and it was quite a challenge for me. There were different brands and units, so I had to figure out how all of them worked and which filters were needed. I am glad I was able to keep busy, but I do not think I will do that job again.

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