I needed to find a way to heat my powder room

My hubby plus I have lived in the same home for over twenty-five years, plus I cherish my home.

The longer that I live here though the more I find wrong with it.

Whoever built our condo did some weird things. I do not know if it was to save money, time, or effort however it tends to be quite annoying. My pal and I discovered that several of our outlets were not put in the right way which is not a sizable deal, however it took my hubby several hours to go through plus change them all. I also found that the floor in the home office is not level whatsoever. If I put any kind of spherical decoration on the table, it rolls off. By far, the most bothering thing that my friend and I have dealt with through the years is that the upstairs powder room does not have any heat running to it. It is regularly cold in that powder room, plus it is the powder room closet to our family room. Neither of us want to walk downstairs to go to the restroom in the middle of the night, however having to stand on a cold cold toilet in the middle of the night is not much fun either, but during the winter season months, the upstairs powder room gets as cold as the outside if my friend and I do not put any type of furnace in the powder room. My pal and I have a small space furnace that my friend and I put in there, however it is still not entirely warm; although it keeps the powder room above cold. My hubby is trying to find a way to run the heat from the furnace into the powder room. Who knows why the builders did not run heat into the powder room, but I sure hope my friend and I can figure out a way to get some heat there soon.


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