I wish I would have brought my space heater camping with me

My parents have always been into camping, and it is something that I have never really been into.

It was fun as a little girl to go camping with the family, but as I got older, I liked it less and less. I am more of a city girl at heart I think. My brothers love camping just as much as my parents do, so I am the only one in the family that does not like camping. My mom understands me the most, so she plans a trip about once a year where we all go shopping and get a hotel for a couple of nights. Because she does this for me, I usually go camping with my family once a year even though I do not like to. Our last camping trip was so cold! We went camping in the middle of June, so none of us thought that it would be cold. Every other year that we went in June was very warm. It was so cold this year that I literally asked my dad if he would go to the store and buy a space heater for me to put in my tent. He actually looked into getting one for me, but the closest store that sold space heaters was over a hundred miles away, so I did not want him to have to drive that far just for a space heater. My mom did bring a little electric heater for her tent that she lent to me for the rest of the camping trip. That little heater actually helped keep my tent much warmer, but I still longed for a larger space heater. Next year, I am most certainly bringing my space heater just in case it is as cold as it was this past year.


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