My air conditioner needs to be cleaned quite often

Living in the country is something that I knew I would consistently do.

I just care about the country, & I could not imagine myself living in the neighborhood where there are people everywhere. I know that there are more than 2 benefits to living in the neighborhood such as being close to stores & necessities. Where I live now, I am about forty minutes away from the closest grocery store & gas station. To me, the benefits of living in the country outweigh the complications that come along with it. I have noticed that since I moved out to the condo that I am in now, my air conditioner has to be cleaned much more often. I have to wash my air conditioner about three times a month. I only cleaned my air conditioner about one time a year when I lived in my first house. I have a complete dirt driveway now, so I guess that has added to the dirt that gets into my house. I noticed that my air conditioner stops blowing out cool air like it is supposed to about every week & a half. I take out the filter & wash it along with the rest of the air conditioner. I find that the air conditioner is filled with dirt & dust. It is quite a pain to keep up with it, however it is worth it… Once I wash out the air conditioner, it works so much better. It blows cold air, & the condo stays cool once again, but even though it can be a pain, cleaning my air conditioner is a must.

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