My Aunt loves to keep her home pretty frigid

Everyone has a silly Aunt; Well, at least, I do. I love my Aunt to death, but she has some unusual habits, however she is constantly dressing up as some character, then usually, it is a character from a film. I have asked her why she dresses up almost every single morning, plus she just says that she does it because she loves it. I do not understand it, but it makes for some interesting looks at the grocery store, plus it is undoubtedly entertaining. My husband refuses to go to her home because he thinks that she is insane. She may be insane, but she is my Aunt, plus I love her regardless of her sanity. Something else that she does that is sort of unusual is she keeps her home at about fifty-five degrees. She is undoubtedly wealthy, so she does not do it to save currency. She simply does it because she loves to be cold. I do not like to bring my youngsters to her home when I go because I am afraid that they will get sick. She has invited our whole family over several times, but it is just too frigid to be over there for more than just an hour or so. I told her that my friend and I would come over if she turned the heat up a little bit, but she got quite offended at my request, so I haven’t brought it up. I genuinely hope that she decided to hot up her home a bit because I undoubtedly want my children to get to know her a little bit better.

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