My school was constantly so cold

I have so several nice memories of my childhood.

I know I tend to affectionateize the past, but I genuinely know that I had an amazing childhood.

I was one of those few children who loved school. I did not cherish it for the sake of learning though. I loved it for the friends that I had there. There was constantly something that I did not like about school plus that was how chilly the school was kept. The only room that was constantly hot was the lunch room, so it was my number one “class” of the afternoon. I can remember multiple times asking my professors if they would turn the temperature up just a little, plus they constantly responded that they were tepid because they were constantly walking around. No matter what time of the year it was, I constantly wore a long sleeved shirt plus a blazer throughout the school. It was so cold. I had one update professor who did not like it so chilly in the classrooms, so she would constantly mess with the control unit, plus I tried to make sure that I thanked her for it. I know it is sad that my friend and I had to go to school plus freeze, but it was simply the way that things were. I asked my Dad if her school was the same way when she was growing up, plus she said that it was not that way but quite the opposite. It was constantly genuinely hot especially during gym class. I am not sure what would be worse, being too chilly at school or being too warm. My children never complain about the temperature at school, so I am blissful that they are pleased.

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