Our holiday was ruined because of AC problems

My partner plus I go on one holiday per year together.

  • I know that my buddy and I are entirely lucky to be able to do that because I know numerous people that don’t go on holiday at all.

My associate and I usually go for about a week plus a half. My partner plus I spend most of the year saving up for plus planning our holiday. My partner is the sweetest, plus he usually saves up money that I don’t know about just to take me on an all-day shopping trip on one of the afternoons that my buddy and I are on holiday. My associate and I booked a nice resort to stay at this past year, however our trip did not turn out and my buddy and I had hoped it would. My associate and I had complications with our A/C the whole time that my buddy and I were there. It was an upscale resort, plus by the time my buddy and I figured out that there was something wrong with the A/C, it was too late to get a refund for our room. The employees that my buddy and I spoke to about it were harshly kind, plus they were trying everything that they could to get our A/C fixed. It was the owner of the resort that was giving them trouble. He did not want to spend my money for an Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C company to come in plus repair it. Instead, he sent someone who had no idea what they were doing to try plus repair it. My associate and I ended up having a hot room for most of the holiday, however my buddy and I tried not to let that spoil our fun too much. The A/C was never fixed in that room because I have seen so numerous reviews about the A/C being broken in that room to this day.


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