Exercise comes with great air conditioning

If there is one thing we can’t get enough of where I live, I’d have to say it’s probably air conditioning.

From the commercial HVAC at work to the central air conditioning at home, I’m never really getting all the cooling comfort I actually want.

The commercial HVAC at work isn’t really something I can do much about. So I bring in a fan for my desk and just deal with it. In this region, air conditioning is something that we deal with for pretty much 8 months out of the year. I do my best to just get as acclimated as I can at work and at home. We keep a pretty tight rein on the thermostat setting at home during the warmer parts of the year. Otherwise, air conditioning costs can spiral out of control and just wreck our household budget. But there was one place where I just couldn’t stand the heat and humidity any longer. That place was the gym. The gym I belonged to must have had some old or overwhelmed commercial HVAC equipment. Granted, there are so many bodies creating heat energy in that building while it gets so hot outside. Still, I just couldn’t deal with it so I decided to move my exercise to my home. And the HVAC company sure helped me out with that endeavor. I found all the equipment I needed online at incredible prices from folks who never used it. So that left me some money to have a ductless heat pump put in the basement. Now, I’m exercising at home, in my basement with all the air conditioning I could ever want.


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