Benefits of the portable A/C unit

My wife and I have a portable AC unit in our home.

There are a lot of benefits to having a portable AC unit.

First, it’s portable and it can be moved anywhere you need it. There are a couple of things that need to be situated but it really is easy to move the portable AC unit anywhere you need to go. It has wheels and a handy carrying handle on the back of the machine. Another thing that I really like about the portable AC unit is the fact that it has washable and removable air filters. There are two air filters on the back of the machine. The air filter has to be removed from their housing unit and then I clean them in warm soapy water until the water is completely clean and free of dust or dirt. I put the air filters back on the device when they are mostly dry. There is also an air filter on the side of the portable AC unit that needs to be cleaned. It is a long piece that slides out. It is honestly thin. It is honestly easy to clean this area of the air filtration system. When the water runs clean, I put the air filter back inside of the unit. I tried to scrub the filters weekly, but they really should be cleaned more frequently. I have a couple of cats in our home and one of them really sheds a lot. The hairs on the floor tend to clog up the bottom air filter fast. I tried to check that one at least every other week.

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