Author: Alan

There’s more to say about hot water heaters

We discussed hot water heaters previously, but there are a few points we missed. Almost everyone uses these heating devices on a daily basis, but few people know where they come from or how they work. As our water heater blew up a few weeks ago, we have become more interested in them, so we […]

Where Will HVAC Technology Be in Twenty Five Years?

Can you imagine what the HVAC industry and HVAC equipment will be like in 25 more years? I would imagine that by then we have gone totally green with the heating and cooling equipment. Heating of homes will probably be done by solar and cooling will probably utilize water and wind somehow. I know that […]

Happy First of October From the HVAC Techs

This month I have some fun things to look forward to. One of them is my buddy’s Halloween party in a few weeks, which is also the day my dad was laid to rest in the cemetery. My dad wrote a book called Words From A Graveyard way back in 1973 and it is probably […]