Author: Alan

The dentist demanded better HVAC

Sadly, they never did. I’m not the brightest bulb in the box. I certainly never claim to be, but when other people are looking for advice or analysis on a topic, I’m the first to shrug my shoulders and them I’m unqualified to offer any assistance. I don’t ever want people to get the idea […]

I didn’t call for repair

Growing up, I never had to learn how to do anything. My dad worked on the entire house, all the way down to the everyday chores! I wasn’t responsible for much of anything until I left home and started to learn what being a “real adult” was like. To be honest, I wish that I […]

My life is too complicated

When I was younger I thought that I had everything figured out. I went to a good college and got myself a nice girlfriend. From that day onward, I figured I was a success story. We popped out a few kids and I continued to climb the corporate ladder each day at my job. My […]

I didn’t take care of the air ducts

It seems like our modern world can make life much harder than it really should be. Didn’t we all believe that robots were going to take over the tasks that we didn’t want to complete anymore, at some point in time? Where are our robot servants to take some of the pressure off our plates? […]

The wait for a new heating and cooling system

I wasn’t excited about selling the house. I made this clear from the beginning, but we were in an extraordinary housing market; it would’ve been dumb not to sell. But now that I’m living in a rented duplex with substandard heating and cooling, I desperately want my house back! What makes it harder is the […]