Author: Alan

Our vacation was ruined because of AC issues

My husband and I go on one vacation per year together. I know that we are very blessed to be able to do that because I know many people that don’t go on vacation at all. We usually go for about a week and a half. My husband and I spend most of the year […]

My grandma keeps her bedroom so warm

I was not going to keep losing sleep just for her dog to feel more comfortable. My grandma asked me to house sit for her a couple of weeks ago. I told her that I would do it, but to be honest, I was not looking forward to it. I love her house. It is […]

The furnace in our cabin quit

I was so excited to go out to our cabin last week and spend a few days there with just my husband. It was going to be one of the first romantic getaways that we had had in awhile. It was quite cold, and there was actually snow for the first time this year when […]

I broke my space heater somehow

I have no idea how my children break just about everything that I get them. I try not to buy them really cheap toys because they tend to break on their own, but my children literally break solid wooden toys. I think it is a talent of theirs. Sometimes, I really cannot figure out how […]