I stood in the grocery store freezer section, hoping for some cool air.

I stood in the grocery store freezer section, hoping for some cool air, when my sister came in.

She asked me if I was grocery shopping or window shopping? After closing the freezer door, I told her my air conditioning had quit working, and I was just looking for some cool air wherever I could get it.

Since she was there and hadn’t started shopping yet, I suggested we go out for lunch together. There was a small café around the corner that I knew had excellent air conditioning, and that’s where we headed. My sister told me that had she known I didn’t have air conditioning, we could have gone to her house and relaxed by the pool for a while. She said she could put grocery shopping off for a couple more days. She asked if I wanted to stay with her for a couple days until the HVAC technician came to repair my air conditioning unit? The HVAC company had my phone number, and they said they would call when they had an HVAC technician available to come to my house. I considered her invitation and accepted it. We hopped in her car and drove the short distance to my house so I could get a change of clothes, and headed to her house. I forgot how much fun it was to sit around the pool and talk to my sister. We acted like teenagers for the next two days until I received the call from the HVAC company. I honestly forgot how much I miss my sister, and knew I was going to visit her more often, even after my air conditioning was working again.



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How wrong is it to fantasize about the HVAC technician?

Lately I had been feeling bad about myself.

I was laying in bed next to my partner and fantasizing about the HVAC technician. I felt like I was cheating on him, but there wasn’t a real person there. I considered talking to my partner about how I was feeling, but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I loved him to death, but there was something about the HVAC technician that caught my attention and I couldn’t break the bond. Three days later, the HVAC technician came back to the house to install the part he had ordered for the air conditioning unit. My partner was home that day, and I tried to act as normal as possible when he was talking to the HVAC technician. I couldn’t even stand to stay outside and see Bill talking to that man. I was jealous that he was the one who got to talk to the HVAC technician and I didn’t. After the HVAC technician left, Bill came into the house and sat down. He asked if I knew the guy had a crush on me? I could honestly say I had no clue. He told me the HVAC technician said he was going to ask me out when he came back. Although I was smiling on the outside, my insides were shaking. Had Bill not been there, I don’t know if I wouldn’t have considered going out on that date. I don’t know how Bill knew what I was thinking, but he told me it’s normal to fantasize about other people even if you are in a committed relationship. I realized how much I loved that man.

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I felt awkward when I saw the HVAC technician in the restaurant.

I had recently had my air conditioning unit repaired, and it took the HVAC technician about two hours to complete the job.

The entire time the HVAC technician was at the house, I was offering him iced tea and iced water.

He was so cute they I couldn’t stay away from. I also couldn’t believe I was flirting with him, and he was ignoring me. I considered going upstairs and putting on my bikini and doing some sunbathing. I was really glad I changed my mind about that when I walked into a restaurant a week later, and the HVAC technician was there. Had he been there doing work, I would not have felt so awkward. He was sitting at a very private table with a beautiful woman, and he had eyes for no one but her. I asked for a table that was far enough away from him he would not see me, but the maître d’ said he had nothing. My best friend and I ended up sitting just three tables away from the HVAC technician. I quickly jumped in the seat that wasn’t facing him, because I was praying he wouldn’t recognize me. I soon realized why he was ignoring my flirting. I admired him for being the man he was, but I still felt foolish. When the HVAC technician got up and took his wife’s arm, I thought he was going to pass by and my embarrassment would be over. Instead, he turned back around and said how nice it was to see me again, introduced his wife, and walked away.


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I couldn't believe we had graduated together.

The sun had weathered his skin as much as it weathered the air conditioning units he worked on

Last week, I called the HVAC company to have some work done on my air conditioning unit. I still had cool air coming from the AC unit, but I been hearing a few strange noises over the last three days. This time of year, it often took longer for an HVAC technician to arrive because of breakdowns that occur during heat waves. It surprised me it took him less than a week to arrive at my house. When the HVAC technician arrived, I showed him to the air conditioning unit and offered him a glass of iced tea. It was so hot outside that I couldn’t let him work with the sun beating down on him and not having something cold to drink. He refused the iced tea, but he accepted a bottle of energy drink that I had in the fridge. I noticed he kept looking into the kitchen window at me as he worked on my air conditioning unit. I thought he looked familiar, but I thought maybe he was someone my brother graduated with, and my brother was almost 10 years older than I was. You can’t imagine how shocked I was when he told me his name and this time it clicked. I had graduated high school with this man, and yet he looked so much older. The sun had weathered his skin as much as it weathered the air conditioning units he worked on. Before realizing who the HVAC technician was, I thought he was at least 50 years old. When I finally recognized him, I realized he was no older than I was, and I was only 32.

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The little boy sat next to me while I worked on the AC unit.

I was on my last AC repair last week; the gate that led to the backyard was locked.

I knocked on the front door and waited for the owner of the house to answer. I heard someone yell just a minute, when a little boy about five-years-old, opened the door. He told me his mommy was playing with soap bubbles, and he was going to show me where the air conditioning unit was. As he showed me through the kitchen, I saw where his mommy was doing dishes and there were indeed a lot of soap bubbles. When I walked over to the air conditioning unit, the little boy was behind me. He didn’t say a word, but he sat cross-legged with his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands. He watched with the intensity of someone who was trying to memorize each step. When he didn’t understand what I was doing, he asked me to tell him and show him again. I told him he was a pretty smart little guy, and he stood up and told me he was 5 1/2 and going to school when summer was over. I asked him if he was going to go to HVAC school or if he was going to kindergarten? He sat back down and took his position and told me his mommy said he had to go to kindergarten. He said he would rather go to HVAC school, because it would be more fun. When I told him he got snacks and they got to play games in kindergarten, he said he would wait to go to HVAC school after kindergarten.

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