Taking care of my mom

My mother is getting to an age where she needs someone there.

My wife and I do all we can for her.

She lives with us and you can find her relaxing in her room or lounging in her chair watching her programs. Other than that you can find her in the kitchen helping my wife or baking. With the holidays coming up I get excited because she bakes the best cookies. I don’t know what’s about them but they can not be beat by anyone. She moved in after my father passed 5 years ago. I wouldn’t want her anywhere else besides here with my wife and I. All those years struggling as a single mom, living paycheck to paycheck, on food stamps, making sure we had clothes, a roof over our head, etc. She deserves a life of happiness and I’m doing my best to give it to her. I love my mom, I really do but there is a downside. She always wants the thermostat set to 85 degrees. I turn the thermostat dial to more of a reasonable temperature of 70 degrees. This has been ongoing ever since fall hit. It is colder outside for sure but 85 degrees? I’m strongly thinking about putting a smart thermostat in so I can have more control. While I’m at work she can have it warmer but within an hour from me going home I can set the temperature to what the family is used to. I’ll have to ask my buddy Ryan how it works and the benefits. For now I’m going to buy a portable space heater for her bedroom. She can turn that heat up to 1000 degrees if she likes.



Staying at an Airbnb for the weekend

I want to be comfortable when I’m not outside

This weekend the guys and I are staying at an Airbnb that is close to the ski resort. Communication with the guys has been rocky. We have been trying to figure out where to meet up, food, drinks, etc. I think we have it all covered. If not there is a small convenient store nearby. This is our annual thing. We skipped last year unfortunately because my friend Steve tried fixing his A/C unit and he ended up in the hospital. I told him he should have called a HVAC technician to do it. A few weeks before this weekend he wanted to fix his A/C again. He claimed he watched youtube videos and knows what he did wrong. I told him it was a bad idea and just in case I paid for a cooling technician to come to his house. I’m not missing this year. We all met up at the Airbnb with a lady giving us the keys to the place with a list of instructions. We all walked in and it felt like the furnace was turned up to 100 degrees! My friend John found the thermostat and wanted to turn it completely off so we could be ready to go outside. I only agreed to shut it off for an hour or so because of how hot it is but in no way will I agree to have it off for several hours. I want to be comfortable when I’m not outside. Tomorrow is the day we get outside. We agreed to be ready by 9am but Steve is the person that we worry won’t get up on time. Still I can’t wait to get out on the snow!

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How to save energy with your heat pump installation

As the years go by, we see more options for whole-home heating systems emerge.

Some may initially come at a high price, but they pay for themselves by saving on energy costs.

During the pandemic, most businesses suffered a lot, and those lucky to survive that period, especially during the lockdown, picked up. Now we have a high cost of living; the current inflation rate needs to give the ordinary citizen a break. Did you know that calling a heating dealer and getting heater maintenance can save money? A faulty heat pump can sometimes use up more energy than it should because it runs more, thus raising your energy bill. It could also save you from purchasing a new heating system. Servicing the equipment ensures that it will last longer and give you more time before you buy another one. The other day I was chatting with my neighbor at her house when a contractor from the heating company arrived. I asked him if something was wrong with his HVAC because it had been less than three months since he had the professionals from the heating business come in to repair it. She informed me that everything was fine, even the help with indoor comfort had never been better, but she needed the HVAC professional to make a few changes to reduce the energy they used in the house. The heating technician was there to install a zone control system and also swap her analog temperature control regulator for a smart thermostat. With that, the heat pump installation will be more energy efficient. I decided to stick around to learn more about heating. There is a lot about the heating industry that I want


Heating and air conditioning products

A friend in need of new heating equipment

Lincoln is a good friend of mine, and he also is my neighbor.

Whenever we are not at work, we spend time together catching up.

We recently watched a football match at his home, and I realized that his house was cold. After I asked him about it, he told me it had been like that for some days since his whole-home heating equipment kept breaking down, and he was considering buying a new one. He also explained that the heating technician tried to fix it, but the heating device was unrepairable, and not even regular servicing was helping the situation. I suggested he install a heat pump in his house to help with indoor comfort. The idea of getting new heating equipment had occurred to him, but he still needed to act on it. I told him I could accompany him to a heating company that sells different heaters the following weekend. We could also learn more about heating. During the weekend, we went to the heating business and found an HVAC professional who showed us different equipment and explained how they function. After this, Lincoln purchased the device I had suggested and added a smart thermostat. The heating dealer also advised him to have heater maintenance regularly. After that, Lincoln called the best heating contractor he could find to handle the heat pump Installation. The HVAC duct was newly installed. He also established the duct sealing cautiously to ensure it was completely insulated. He also made sure there was zone control for better temperature control. What was left was to set the thermostat to his preferred settings.

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Surviving the recession as a heating company

With the pandemic and the war between the two European countries, the financial analyst predicted a recession.

The heating industry has been grappling with challenges since the pandemic.

As a heating company, my board of directors and employees were looking for ways to stay afloat. Inflation has been on the rise since, making businesses almost nonprofitable. We have developed a few strategies to ensure that the heating business is still operating and earning profit even with the upcoming recession. One of the ways we intend to survive is to digitalize many of our processes, including booking appointments. We work with a set of engineers who developed applications, linked to our website. These applications allow our customers to book heater maintenance appointments with our heating technicians and keep up with the changing trends in the industry, including new heating devices such as heat pumps and smart thermostats. The engineers work with our HVAC professionals, who know more about heating and can advise on the industry’s behavior patterns and trends. Digitalizing the processes save on operational costs, which would otherwise weigh the company down. Another strategy we have devised includes having contractual heating dealers to help with indoor comfort. Services such as heat pump installation are charged extra because of the high fuel prices and device costs. Even with the high inflation, we have provided our customers with whole-home heating. We receive excellent customer reviews, which shows us that we are on the right track with service production. We predict success for the business even with the impending recession because the weather patterns are still present, and homeowners still need quality comfort.

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