Help with air flow troubles

I noticed some problems with the airflow in the living room and I decided to contact a local HVAC contractor to see if he could help with the troubles.

  • I really did not know if there was a problem with the heating or a/c or a problem with the ductwork.

I knew that the ductwork inside of the building was really old and falling apart. I had some repairs performed when I originally bought that house. The HVAC contractor was here earlier this day and I heard all the terrible news that I could take. I was anxious about the problems with their airflow but I found out that the issue was much worse than that. Not only do I need a brand new heating and a/c, but all of the ductwork needs to be updated. The ductwork is falling apart and in lots of unusual locales and the sheet metal is starting to crumble. The repair professional recommended I try a ductless mini split system instead of dealing with the ductwork troubles, all of the ductwork could be sealed and completely eliminated if we made the decision to go with a ductless mini split system instead. I am going to talk to my mom about the problems with the system and find out what she thinks. There are a couple of reasons to get her opinion. I value what she has to say and she worked as a real estate agent for a long time. She has seen a lot of silly conditions that would lead a person to update their heating and a/c.

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