Learning about home automation system

When my spouse and I replaced our heating system and air conditioner, we decided it would be a nice idea to also replace our thermostat.

I started researching smart thermostats and was amazed by the innovative features.

Today’s generation of thermostats includes the ability to access temperature control inside the home from virtually anywhere. The thermostat will send reminders when it’s time to schedule maintenance or change filters and notify you if there is an unusual temperature swing. As I was learning more and more about smart thermostat technology, I came across complete home automation systems. Smart houses are gaining popularity as more and more appliances, electronics and systems include wireless technology. Through a home automation system, I can start up the washing machine, check on the sump pump, turn off lights and even adjust the humidifier. The home automation possibilities included a home security system. While I was initially more interested in energy efficiency, convenience and cost savings, I realized that apartment security is absolutely the most important aspect of the package. With motion activated lights and cameras located around the exterior of the house, I always know what’s going on around the property. I can watch real time images on my laptop. By way of an app, I get notifications if there is an issue with glass breakage or anyone forcing their way inside. The alarm is harshly loud and continues to blare unless my nice friend and I punch in our security code. If there are any problems, the monitoring supplier gives us a call. Without us providing our code, they notify the proper authorities. We are protected against home invasion, vandalism and fire, carbon monoxide and flooding.

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