Marriage comes with Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C upgrades

It’s difficult to know that I’m going to be someone’s partner in just months. I know I’m still sort of thrown by that fact because I just didn’t guess it would ever happen. And given the fact that I’m 56 years old would seem to give some credence to my skepticism about ever being married. That said, I particularly have known my fiance for my entire adult life. We’ve been friends forever plus things just sort of became romantic many years ago. My house is the place we’re going to call home but this will have to be after working on some upgrades. The urgent ones are Heating, Ventilation and A/C equipment. Due to the location and size of the house, we thought my place would be the best to call our home, at least for now. His own house was too big since this was where he had raised his kids earlier. Just the heating & cooling costs in that home were unfathomable to me. Speaking of heating & cooling, that was like the first thing he’d mentioned when he first moved in. I know I just don’t pay that much attention as I do with many other things. Being the type of person who can end up with slightly odd socks on, I’m not always paying attention to things like quality heating or air quality. So off to the Heating, and A/C company. We made the decision to go where I got schooled in residential HVAC. I was amazed by all the advancements when it came to Heating and A/C technology. And my associate and I got it all now. From zone controlled Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C to the modern smart control unit, my associate and I are awash in the latest Heating, and cooling technology. And I’m way better off for it just as I am being somebody’s partner.
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