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From the time that I was in my teens, I knew that I wanted to labor in the Heating and A/C industry… My uncle had his own contractor and would let me tag along with him on Sundays, and i liked the problemshooting aspect of the job, as well as the fact that every day was odd from the last, after high college graduation, I right away took the Heating and A/C certification course at the local trade college so that I could join my uncle’s business! Ten years later, I am ready to start my own Heating and A/C business, as I’ve received enough experience and confidence to be in charge of my own job.

I’ve been slowly accumulating the tools of the trade, however I’ll need some financing to get started.

I’ve been using word of mouth as my mode of advertising, however once I am officially on my own, I’ll advertise on websites such as Home Advisor. Then I’ll need to get Heating and A/C insurance, which covers liability, on the job accidents and component loss or disfigurement. My uncle has always tied up the importance of insurance, since the Heating and A/C system is one of the most pressing and lavish systems in a house. The insurance covers accidents that I may experience, such as electrocution, burns, falls, or exposure risks. These are all among the top causes of injury when working with heating, ventilation, and cooling! Finally, I’ve been working on an Heating and A/C website for local exposure of my services. I plan on asking former patrons for permission to use their testimonials, include a referral form with a coupon, and generally make my venue charming and easy to use. The only thing that I haven’t decided on yet is a name!


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