My husband thinks that I need a new air thermostat in my office

I really enjoy my job.

Well, I enjoy what I do at my job, but the people that I work with are a little hard to deal with sometimes.

I work with mainly women, and they are so dramatic about everything. I wish that I could just plug my ears sometimes when they try to tell me things that they over dramatize. I know that I can be dramatic sometimes as well, but I try not to be dramatic 24/7. I told my husband that I was not sure if I could deal with working there anymore, but when I was given my own office area, it really helped. I have had less issues with people since getting my own office, but I have had trouble with the thermostat in my office for a couple of weeks now. I tried telling my manager that the thermostat was not working correctly, but he basically ignored me. I set the temperature in my office to be at about seventy degrees, but my office is always around sixty degrees. I have tried setting the temperature higher and lower, but it does not seem to do anything. It is just consistently sixty degrees in my office. That is a little bit too chilly for me. I told my husband about it, and he thinks that the thermostat in my office is broken. He is so sweet, and he told me that if my manager doesn’t do something about it soon, he will. I know that he has good intentions, but I hope he doesn’t get too upset with my boss because she is not a very kind person. We shall see. I just want a warm office.


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