HVAC addition produces healthy air

I’m on a health kick and it’s going on three years now.

  • This is something that I did ever so begrudgingly.

But two plus years into it, I’m actually really glad that I decided to do more when it came to looking after my health. It all started with little things like just getting up out of my chair inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. My wife bought me a desk riser because she read something about sitting being the new smoking. So just standing up inside the commercial HVAC was the first step on this journey. It wasn’t like I was in terrible health or just grossly out of shape either. Yet, I was not doing what a 48 year old man needs to do to be in optimum health either. I have a lot I want to do once I’m done working so it seemed like the right thing to start doing. My next steps were actually getting out of the air conditioning at lunch for a walk and then again in the evening. These small steps started to accumulate and before long, I had changed my diet, exercise and rest behaviors all for the better. The healthier I got, the more I wanted to do as I’ve been sort of caught up in this healthy momentum. Recently, I targeted the indoor air quality of our home for an upgrade to much, much healthier air. The HVAC professionals installed a whole home air purification system inside the HVAC unit. This thing doesn’t miss anything when it comes to wiping out indoor air contaminants and allergens. Now I have the healthiest air to add to my fitness evolution.



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