Forget the brother in law and call the HVAC company

I love my wife. And I love just how close she is with her family. I’m actually sort of grateful to be included in that sort of family dynamic. It’s really very cool indeed. That said, I have no problem telling my brother in law that, while I appreciate the gesture, I’ll be calling the HVAC company. My wife’s brother is indeed a sweet guy at his core. But, he’s also a bit of a know it all who consistently pushes his prowess at well, everything. So when he got wind that our air conditioning was acting a bit weird, he quickly made our HVAC equipment his business. Again, he’s a good guy and his intentions are pure and helpful. Still, he’s not touching our HVAC unit. I know for sure that we didn’t invest in the best in residential HVAC because we could. No, heating and cooling in our home is a very important component of our lives. And we spent some money to make sure that we got the sort of HVAC technology we really wanted. My brother in law once worked a summer helping an HVAC technician. So of course, he feels certain that he’s qualified to tear into our HVAC unit to find the problem. And my wife is having a hard time telling him no thank you. But that’s okay, I get that. She doesn’t want to hurt this guy’s feelings when he’s trying to be nice. However, I’m not waiting around, I called and the HVAC professional will be out to assess what’s happening with our HVAC unit.
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Christening the new sun room and HVAC addition

Now, it feels like our house.

We are able to enjoy this space a whole lot more now that we are getting the most from it.

And that starts with opening this place up. Because really, that’s what this house has needed since we moved here. But when we first got here, we were just so glad to enjoy a winter that didn’t included a gas furnace. Just the fact that we weren’t constantly dealing with snow, ice and the high cost of HVAC heating was a big plus. So we sort of just lived with the house the way it was. The fact that we’re here is what really mattered to us. And it was a big test for us to move down south believing we’d find what worked for us. For so long, we had kept banging away up north and hating the winters and all the HVAC heating. But we felt a bit trapped as well. It’s just sort of the mindset that we get into. You have a mortgage, a decent job and responsibilities which turns into shampoo, rinse, repeat. So we took a chance and moved to a place where we really wanted to experience living. It’s turned out great and now that we’ve opened up the house, it came with a HVAC equipment change as well. Since we were upgrading the HVAC unit, we decided to knock down some walls, pour a big pad and put in a large sun room. We now have zone controlled HVAC in our home and we can close off the new sun room and use just the ductless heat pump out there.

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Putting together my HVAC cost saving plan now

By the time we get our first pollen dump, I like to have my HVAC cost saving strategy in place.

And this year is no different.

Just because we get our first signs of spring while other parts of the country are dealing with deep winter cold doesn’t change my routine. That’s because saving on the HVAC costs when it comes to air conditioning is a big household responsibility. So when I see the pollen covering the hood of my car, I know it’s time to be finalizing my HVAC cost saving strategy. There is more to saving on HVAC cooling costs than meets the eye. Plenty of people simply ride into the summer and deal with the air conditioning as they want. Unfortunately, this can also prove to be a very costly enterprise. The air conditioning is on in many households before the first of April in our region. And the air conditioning is going pretty much straight through until November as well. Yet, it’s the four month period from June through September that is really the period where the air conditioning costs skyrocket. But, I always meet that part of the year prepared. The house is sealed up tight to keep the HVAC cooling in and the heat out. We have solar shades that we use to mitigate the direct sunlight heating as well. Those are two of the essentials right there. And of course, we make sure that thermostat is set so it’s never more than 15 degrees cooler inside than it is outside. Doing all of this allows for plenty of HVAC cooling comfort without producing huge utility bills.



A perfect winter means light work for the HVAC unit

It’s the time of the year that can be most enjoyable in this area.

The sun shines just about every day.

And the sky is so crisp and blue with hardly a blemish of cloud. It really is the time of year that I like the most perhaps. And it’s the time of year that I think about as the air conditioning is cycling on again and again during the summer. HVAC cooling is beyond essential to live in this region. If you can’t deal with air conditioning, you might want to rethink living where I do. The summer is packed with HVAC cooling. For some, they hardly even come out during the four months where the heat is the worst. I can’t do that. I like to be outside even if the summer heat can be overwhelming. There are ways around that. For one, I just get up really, really early in the summer. Getting outside during the early morning is a great way to enjoy the summer. However, by the time the lunch hour rolls around, you want to be inside the air conditioning. But again during the evening, I like to get outside for some fresh air. However, there are days where all I can think about is the winter. And that’s what makes the winter so great. The heat pump hardly has any work to do during the winter. There just isn’t that much need for HVAC heating during our winter. But when we do get a cold snap, the HVAC heat pump is more than adequate when it comes to knocking out the chill.


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Not too soon to plan for HVAC heat season

Around here, we hardly even refer to it as summer as much as it’s simply heat season.

This time of year is the part of the year where the HVAC equipment really earns its keep.

I think one of the reasons I call it heat season is that the heat doesn’t turn off when the kids go back to school. In my mind, that is when summer has officially come to an end. But the air conditioning in this region continues on full blast throughout September in fact. There’s even some air conditioning happening by November some years. So while it’s still winter, I am already thinking about preparations for the heat season. Most of these preparations center around making sure that I can keep the HVAC cooling costs down. If you go into heat season without any sort of plan, it will cost you an amount of money that can be staggering. This happened to me the first few years that I lived here. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Taking the time to be sure that there is a good seal on your house is really important and can save a ton on air conditioning costs. Additionally, it’s really important to call the HVAC company as part of the prep. Getting an HVAC technician to do the required HVAC maintenance on the heat pump prior to the summer heat is imperative. Once that’s all done, it’s then a matter of programming the thermostat or making sure that you have good thermostat discipline. And getting a bit accustomed to the heat season prior to pouring on all that air conditioning is also a very important step.

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