Don’t forget to watch the Heating as well as Air Conditioning condensate

I try to cover my bases; it’s true, and sometimes I do this too much.

  • That’s how I was raised; I’d rather be prepared for a situation.

I worry too much about little things, but when it comes to problems around the house, there’s no such thing as little problems. Heating and air conditioning are an example. I rely on an HVAC for my family’s needs. To that end, I work relentlessly to ensure it’s in good shape. I change the filter regularly and have an HVAC repair plan – a very good idea because I don’t have to set up appointments. They come out for the heating in the fall, and, when spring is blossoming, they come for the air conditioning. Along with keeping up with my HVAC chores, I watch the system condensate. This is the moisture that comes from the condensation in the equipment. Normally, it runs out of the drain line away from the house with no problem. However, it’s wise to make sure that the drain line is cleared at least once a year. A backup could cause water damage wherever the system is in the house. You’re better safe than sorry!



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Good air at a great cost

Getting a good deal is something I like.

I love getting my money’s worth while getting something that works efficiently.

That’s how it is with my car. It’s not much to look at, but it’s very reliable and I’ve gotten my money out of it. It gets such good gas mileage. I feel the same about my HVAC equipment. Where my wife and I live, the most popular system is a heat pump. Winters are mild so we don’t need much heat, but we need all the air conditioning we can get during our long, sticky summers. So, I have always tried to get the best deal and efficiency as I can out of the air conditioner. It gets an inspection in the spring. Having an HVAC professional perform essential work ensures it will perform at its best. From there, it’s up to me. I can’t just set it low and walk away. That’s wasteful for several reasons! I program it to go up in the morning when the temperature is rising and down at night before bedtime, so my family and I have a cool bed to sleep in. It’s not rocket science but it takes a little attention to get the most of the HVAC in the summer. It’s wise to do it in a way that doesn’t cost a lot of money.


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Winter preparations are important, especially with heating and AC

If something’s wrong, I want time to fix it, instead of having to rush a repair

I’d rather be over-prepared than caught with my long underwear dropped when winter weather hits. This is what motivates me to prepare for winter before it arrives, and it’s the deal around here. Our winters are long, snowy, and blustery cold, so it’s too late to deal with heating issues after the bottom falls out of the thermometer! So, I work during the summer and fall to prepare for winter weather in the coming weeks. My family has a good gas furnace that heats our home thoroughly. Before there’s even a hint of winter, I make sure the HVAC professionals come out to check it. If something’s wrong, I want time to fix it, instead of having to rush a repair. The furnace does a good job for us; we also have a backup heating source, an old-fashioned wood stove that helps us in the event of a power outage. I also have a plastic cover that goes over our HVAC, which keeps ice and the weight of snow off the delicate parts of our equipment, along with the fan.



When I developed allergies, I purchased a UV air purification system

I never had allergies in my life until recently.

I thought this would never happen to me even though everybody else in my family had some form of allergies.

My brother had the worst allergies and I always felt bad for him. He said I was lucky because I never had to experience the red itchy eyes and the constant sneezing. Eventually our parents invested in a powerful air purification system which actually helped everybody out a great deal. More recently in my home, I never had an air purification system. I figured it wasn’t something that we needed. My son had mild allergies, but they seemed to improve with the allergy meds he was taking. We used the air filters designed for people with allergies and that helped a lot as well. When I started experiencing the allergies though, they became horrible in no time. I suddenly felt like I was going to die with my itchy eyes and I could not quit sneezing. My wife explained that this just happens to some people. I said we had to do something and I reached out to the HVAC company. They suggested the UV air purification system and we should upgrade to HEPA filters. I was okay with doing anything that would work, and after these HVAC upgrades, my allergies calmed down tremendously. With my son, his allergies were nearly non-existent and he didn’t have to take his allergy meds all the time. I have to take the meds now, but I couldn’t get by without the UV air purification system working regularly. I also appreciate the fact that it eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mold spores.


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It was a bad idea to let my uncle stay with us

I should have known better than to agree to make a deal with my uncle.

This guy started his own HVAC company back in the day and he ended up getting rid of all the employees and just going solo. He would travel around to places to work on various HVAC systems. He worked on commercial HVAC systems too so it’s not to say that the man doesn’t have skills. The thing is, he mostly lives out of motels and places that he can easily be on his way. For a long while he has been living in an RV that he drives in and tries to land short term contracts with different places of business where he can work on their commercial HVAC systems. He gets excellent reviews for his services, but I should have known better when he asked if he could stay with us for awhile. He promised to pay a certain amount of rent and he also said he would install a new gas fireplace for free! That was the thing, he knew that I loved fireplaces and always wanted something like that, and I couldn’t turn him down. My wife was really disappointed but she also loved the idea of having a new fireplace in our home. Well, it took him months to even get started with the gas fireplace before he ended up being on his way. I almost thought he wasn’t even going to install the gas fireplace even though the materials for it were already purchased a long time ago. He kept saying he was business with his work and he would get around to it. He did, but it was not a pleasant experience having him live with us for those few months.


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