The new boiler system made it so my wife can do indoor gardening in the basement

My wife and I were really happy when we bought a home.

The basement wasn’t finished, but it had nice concrete flooring.

It was a little dirty, but we were able to clean it up pretty nicely. I was actually thinking about converting the basement into a nice man cave and it was so large and spacious. My wife said I could do that, so long as I left some space for her to do indoor gardening. I had no clue that she wanted to do that, but she did enjoy gardening a lot. She was outside at the start of every spring growing all kinds of things like peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and the list goes on. She also enjoys growing flowers a lot and we even planted a few rose bushes in the house. She told me that in order for her to do her indoor gardening, she would need a nice HVAC system hooked up in the basement. We ended up calling a local HVAC business and consulted with an HVAC expert. The guy said there were a few options we could go for. He personally recommended installing a boiler system and hooking up radiant heated floors in our home. He said some radiators could be installed in the basement, or we could finish the basement also with radiant heated floors. We ended up going for the boiler installation and had the radiators in the basement along with radiant heated floors on the main floors. I honestly can’t believe how cozy those radiant heated floors are and my wife has been doing great with her indoor gardening as the basement keeps nice and toasty now.

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My buddies ended up being right about me installing my own HVAC

I honestly don’t even know how my buddies convinced me to buy my own DIY HVAC system to install on my own.

They said that I wouldn’t regret it and it was so easy that I could do the installation blindfolded.

Of course, they were exaggerating a lot because it’s not all that easy. Actually, I was totally confused when I was looking at the manual and trying to follow the directions. There weren’t many diagrams to look at and the instructions were mostly just wording that was tough to follow. I ended up calling my friends and they all laughed at me. They told me that I should have looked for an online tutorial because you can find tutorials for everything these days. I didn’t think to do that, but life was suddenly a lot easier when I found the exact tutorial I needed for my make and model of HVAC system. It’s a ductless mini split system with 5 zones. I cringed when I learned I had to drill hole through my outer walls, but my buddies helped me with the installation process. Looking back on everything, I think I would have figured everything out eventually if I had more patience, but my buddies made it much easier for me. We all had drinks and a huge BBQ when the installation was completed. I was basically celebrating because I saved a lot of money by installing the new HVAC system with my friends. The local HVAC contractor quoted a similar installation for more than double what I paid.

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I was shocked when I learned our daughter was dating the HVAC worker

My wife told me to give the guy a break because he’s a hard worker and he’s planning to start his own HVAC business soon

I never really hated our regular HVAC worker over the years, he actually has always been a nice guy and he knows what he’s doing when it comes to any HVAC issues. I was especially impressed when he installed a new ductless multi-split system in our home entirely on his own, and it only took a couple of days. Still, we weren’t charged too much for the installation. He gave us a huge discount and I wasn’t sure why, but he said it was some promotion of some sort. I even remember checking the website of his HVAC company and I didn’t see any specials like that being advertised, but maybe they just didn’t update the website. Well, later on, I learned exactly why he gave us such a good deal, he was dating our daughter secretly! I mean, she was a youngster going to community college. She wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to get into, but she didn’t want to leave the state and go to another college, she wanted to stay local. I wondered what was up with that, but then I came to see that they must’ve been dating since she was 18. At least, they better not have been dating if she was any younger. If that was the case, I might have to clean my gun out. I thought I hated this guy when I found out, but it turns out that his love for her is genuine and it all just kind of happened the way love works out sometimes. My wife told me to give the guy a break because he’s a hard worker and he’s planning to start his own HVAC business soon. Our daughter is also starting to take HVAC classes to also get into the industry. I guess as long as he treats her well, I won’t have any issues.

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I honestly didn’t expect our daughter to get into the HVAC industry

Our daughter has always had a charming personality and she loves baking. I always thought she would end up being a baker and possibly running her own bakery one day, but she ended up surprising us. She ended up going into the HVAC industry working as an HVAC expert. She learned all about working on different HVAC systems and studied a lot about installation work for residential and commercial systems. It’s not like I’m surprised that she was able to become such a skilled HVAC tech, I knew she could do whatever she put her mind to because she’s so smart. I just never realized that she had a passion when it came to heating and cooling systems. She finally told me it was when I bought her a window AC unit for her bedroom long ago when she became so interested in systems like that. She asked me if I remembered the time when the window AC was having troubles, and I taught her how to open it up, clean it out, and make sure the wiring was all good. When we fixed the window AC unit together, I guess she wanted to learn more about HVAC systems. Of course, she still loves to bake and she is always making delicious snacks for her co-workers at the HVAC company as well as her clients. Everybody likes her baked goods, and I still tell her that she should own a bakery one day. Who knows, maybe it can be a bakery and an HVAC business combined, but I’m not sure how that would work.

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We were lucky to save a lot of money on the geothermal HVAC installation

After selling our home and moving into a rental property, we made a rather huge profit.

We stayed in the rental house so we could look for a new home.

When we didn’t find any properties that seemed appealing to us, we decided to have a custom home built. We learned that this actually would be a better investment because we would have a new home built the way we wanted with the amount of rooms we liked and everything. Everything down to the HVAC installations could be fully customized. Well, I had an HVAC tech come to our door one day and he started telling me about their deals for new HVAC installations. I didn’t even want to hear it to be honest, I was just focusing on having my home built without any issues. When he told me I could get radiant heated floors for 50% off the regular installation cost, that caught my attention. I asked him if that 50% would cover any HVAC installations, and he said that was exactly right. I couldn’t believe it, here I was being rude to this guy when he was giving me a sweet deal on new HVAC installations. So I hired these professionals to work on our new custom built home to install a geothermal HVAC system. This was an HVAC I always wanted to go for, but I thought it was too expensive. With the 50% discount on the installation though, we were suddenly able to afford it! The HVAC experts also worked with the construction team and made customized ductwork for the home which turned out great. Now that the home is completed, I’m so happy with it, especially the geothermal HVAC system!

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