There was no entrance into the furnace room.

I had just moved into my new apartment, and I was so happy to finally beyond my own.

For 22 years I lived with my parents, but now I was graduated from college and had a good job.

I knew it was time to have an apartment of my own. My apartment turned out to be half of the double home. It was beautifully decorated, and the house was completely furnished, except for the big bedroom. All I had to do was bring my bedroom furniture and I was home. My father came to look at the apartment, and the first thing he start looking for was the furnace. He knew there was a furnace and air conditioning unit, because it found the AC unit and the thermostat. When he couldn’t find was the furnace. I showed in the door that led into the basement, but that didn’t get them anywhere. What he found out was that the furnace was shared by both sides of the house, which made sense because I didn’t have to pay for heat. The problem was that since there was no way to get to the furnace, what happened if we needed work done. My dad called the homeowner, and asked what happened is something happened to the furnace. He said the door to the furnace room was part of the other tenants property. If something happened to the furnace we would have to wait until they reported it to him and he was able to come to their house with the HVAC technician and have it repaired. The only thing dad had to say, was asking me if I had signed a lease.

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Mom tried her best teaching me how to change the air filter

I laugh now when I remember the frustrated look on my mom’s face last year.

I was a new homeowner, and I went to my mom for everything.

She’d owned houses for years, and I knew she was the best person to consult. However, mom was proving to be snippy every time I didn’t understand what she was saying. I knew part of her frustration was I’d moved so far away, and she missed me so much. Still, I had to move because of my business, and we also needed the time apart. Anyway, she was happy with the house I’d picked and we planned for when she’d come to visit. However, I didn’t have a clue how to change the air filter when it was time to do so. That’s why I called mom to assist me. We spoke on a video call and she did her best to direct my clueless self on what to do. Well, we ended up fighting, and later I gave up on replacing the air filter. I told mom I’d hire an HVAC worker to handle this, and perhaps they’d be nicer teaching me. Mom hung up on me, and I was left laughing so hard. I went ahead and contacted a HVAC worker who was quite willing to teach me how to replace an air filter. Later, I called mom to apologize, and now she’ll be in my home in a few weeks. I am so excited! I’ll show her that I finally learned how to replace my air filter, and several other HVAC maintenance things. The HVAC worker had taught me so much.


a/c repairman

I was referred to a specific HVAC business

I’d always wanted to have lots of cats and dogs in my home.

However, I lived in an apartment in the city, and they were strict about animals.

Each apartment was only allowed one pet. So, you had to think carefully about the animal to bring home. I opted to get a cat since they could stay indoors for hours while I was at work. We did go to the park and on adventures when I had free time. But, with time, I knew I wanted more pets. So, I saved hard to buy a house in a great location with a fenced in backyard. Luckily, I landed on the most amazing surprise. A small 5 acre farm was for sale away from the city. I’d have to drive a bit of a distance to and from work, but it was worth it. After moving in with my cat, I got to work rescuing more pets and giving them a proper home. At the same time I needed to sort out the heating, cooling, and ventilation in my new home. Having pets living indoors means you need better ways to manage your indoor air quality. I also had to handle the heating and cooling to keep my pets comfortable. I was referred to a specific HVAC business by a friend that knew the right HVAC systems for homes with lots of pets. The HVAC professional who came to my farm was amazing, and even gave me more tips. He explained I needed special air filters for the HVAC system, and a whole-home air purification unit.


steam boiler

The HVAC repair cost more than I could afford to pay

I must admit things haven’t always been rosy in my life. Since I was a kid, times were tough for my mom who was raising me on her own. So, I worked hard to make sure I’d give her the best life when I grew up. I once tried to get a job so I could help mom with some of the bills. But, she was adamant that my main focus should be school, and extracurricular. Mom knew that was a good way to go to college, and get a scholarship. Well, she was right. I managed to join an ivy league school studying the career I wanted to do, and got a full ride. Mom never once had to worry about student loans or paying expensive tuition. I also got a part time job at school, so I didn’t have to worry about pocket money. I graduated with honors, and landed an awesome job with good pay, much to mom’s delight. Three years later, I bought a small 2 bedroom house in need of an upgrade including a new HVAC system. I’d wanted to carry out HVAC repair instead and keep using it to heat and cool my new home. However, when the HVAC expert came by, he told me it would cost so much to repair the aging HVAC system. It was more than I could afford to pay at the time, so I went with a new HVAC system. I got HVAC financing from the HVAC company to cover the cost of the new unit and installation. Well, now I’m living a better life, and it’s all because my mom never gave up on me. She’s also doing awesome.

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Her kids couldn’t handle the heat when the AC failed

Jenna was expecting more work during summer, but it seemed that wasn’t the case.

Most of their customers were away traveling to different destinations. So, she didn’t have to work more than 6 hours a day. Jenne would walk from her shed which is now an office to the house to check on the kids. Then, if all was okay, she’d be back there working on some personal projects. She’d tried working in her house when the kids were around, but that turned into a disaster. So, her brother transformed an old shed into an office. He even got her a ductless hybrid HVAC system for the office. That way, Jenna had excellent climate control no matter the time of the year. One afternoon, she was having a busy afternoon after someone showed interest in her side hustle. Jenna was to put together a presentation and they’d meet in a week when they were back in town. Well, she didn’t have time to waste. One of her kids knocked at the door of the office and Jenna told her to come in. She said there was something with the AC because the house felt warmer and warmer. Jenna was shocked so she walked with her daughter back to the house to investigate why the AC was working efficiently. Well, it wasn’t. The AC had failed and now Jenna had to figure out how to get an HVAC expert to her house. Her kids couldn’t handle the heat when the AC failed before, so she wanted to fix the matter quickly.

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