Figuring out why the cooling system wasn’t working

Living in the desert means there isn’t a lot of rain. When there is rain, there are delays everywhere. It seems like people don’t know how to drive when the roads are wet. I know that the flooding can be exhausting in some places because of the dry area, although I never have any trouble going from one place to another. Last weekend there was a pretty huge storm plus rain caused delays for everyone. I was on my way to a commercial cooling system repair. My boss scheduled me to go and meet with the owner of the commercial property for the first time. I really wanted to get there early so I could make an impression on the commercial dealer owner. It was raining that morning and everyone was driving about 25 miles an hour. I did not get to the property until 15 minutes after my scheduled meeting time. The owner of the dealer did not look impressed. I tried to tell the girl about the traffic, but all she wanted to talk about was the repair. She showed me the part where all of the cooling system components are located. It took some time for me to figure out which components went to what part of the building. Once I found the area, it was easy for me to figure out why the cooling system wasn’t working honestly well. There was a lot of dust plus dirt back there. It was really gross. It had to be at least a year or more since the last time anyone cleaned back there.


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Crazy lightning storm struck out HVAC machine

Last week, we had some exhausting thunderstorms.

There was a storm right off the coast and it traveled onto the mainland and sat there for a while.

It was moving one or two miles an hour for half of the day and our town was battered with heavy rain plus wind. We had a lot of lightning, which is honestly unregular for this area. I was honestly surprised that we did not lose power. We did lose our AC unit. I thought the AC unit was struck by lightning and that turned out to be exactly what occurred. We were staying inside of the home enjoying TV when the lightning struck. I heard the home shake and it seemed like there was a stink in the air. The AC unit was off at the time, although I knew something had to be wrong. I told the kids to stay in the house, although I was going to walk outside for a minute and walk around the house. I put on a pair of galoshes and a rain jacket. I walked around the back plus it was really easy to see that the AC unit outdoors had been struck by lightning. There was a huge black mark right in the middle of the machine. I shut down the breaker to the AC unit so it wouldn’t come back on even if it could. Then I called someone to help. I called the local AC maintenance service. I waited until the morning to have the complications fixed, because I knew it wasn’t going to be something easy to repair.


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Enjoying the fireplace

We had a wood burning fireplace right inside of our room

I like to drop the kids off with my parents so that my wife and I can have a weekend away. I don’t get a chance to spend the weekend with my wife often, because both of us are busy with work. My wife works in an office in the city. She leaves on the train at 6:00 in the morning and she doesn’t get home until the kids are getting ready to go to bed. I work at home in an office and the kids are with me. Every once in a while my wife will take the whole weekend off work and turn the phone off. When we can get away, I take the kids to see my parents. They like going to the farm. We live closer to the city, but my parents live in the country and they have chickens. The kids like to chase the chickens around the farm plus it’s nice for them to be in nature. When my wife and I had our last weekend away, it was winter time. We decided to go to a ski resort about 2 hours away. We drove the jeep with more than four wheel drive just in case the roads were a mess, and our hotel view was spectacular plus so was the fireplace. We had a wood burning fireplace right inside of our room. The wood for the fireplace was freshly stacked outside of our room every single morning. We had a fresh stack on Wednesday, Friday, and even Sunday morning. We also had VIP access to the slopes.


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Energy efficient geothermal heat pumps

My family plus I live in a section where geothermal heat pumps are an energy efficient way to heat your home.

  • I see commercials on the TV at least once during the day and I hear company jingles on the stereo when I am on my way home from work! Geothermal heat pumps can be a significant investment, but they offer a variety of benefits for more than a decade.

Geothermal heat pumps can also be honestly environmentally friendly because they do not produce greenhouse gases or any carbon monoxide. They are really one of the most affordable machines to operate as well. Geothermal systems offer superior energy efficiency. The idea transfers stored heat from the earth reducing utility bills by 50% or more. I contacted a geothermal heat pump provider and the company sent a HVAC tech to come out and talk with me about the benefits plus the costs. I was prepared to spend a significant amount of money, but when I heard how much it was going to cost up front, I was shocked. It was a good solution, but it’s going to cost twice as much as I expected. For now, my family and I are going to continue living the way we have been! We’re not at a place where we have to make any decisions. I was thinking about making some changes and I wanted to get some information, now that I know how much the upfront costs are going to be, I can plan for the project if I want to make the change.


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We needed a new furnace

When we ended up in a situation where we needed a new furnace, we did not have any way to pay all of the fees, but we had about $400 in a savings account, but that wasn’t going to cover all of the costs for a brand new furnace installation task.

We spoke with the director at the heating company about our situation and she told us that they work with a number of different finance companies to give us more payment options.

The director gave me a telephone number to call and she told me to contact the finance company, I told the lady at the finance company that I was trying to get a brand new furnace and the name of the company that I was using, she told me that they use the company all of the time and that she thought they provided excellent service. There were a lot of people that gave good reviews for the company that was doing the installation work. That made me feel even better about my choice to choose the furnace installation business. We ended up with a brand new furnace that will heat our home for the next 10 years or more and it will not take that long to pay for the machine. We worked out a nice payment plan with the company so that we have affordable payment stretched out over a couple of years. By the time we are done paying, we will have a brand new furnace and my credit score will rise by a couple of points.

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