Happy First of October From the HVAC Techs

This month I have some fun things to look forward to.

One of them is my buddy’s Halloween party in a few weeks, which is also the day my dad was laid to rest in the cemetery.

My dad wrote a book called Words From A Graveyard way back in 1973 and it is probably no coincidence that he was buried on Halloween Night. The book contains poems my dad wrote when he and my mom separated with us two little kids. He worked in the HVAC industry doing a lot of work on heating and cooling systems and set all of us kids up nicely down the road when we are older. This is a good thing because I was running my own local business back in the states for a while but then I shut it down to pursue comedy, which needless to say hasn’t left me with so much money anymore. This pursuit kind of derailed my money making abilities as I was an engineer and now no longer do it because I’ve been out of the field for too long. I was building HVAC equipment, specializing in geothermal heat pumps and heated floor devices, but left it all behind to pursue the performing arts. I didn’t make much money doing stand up but sometimes you’ve gotta starve to feed the world. I still dabble in the HVAC field nowadays doing smart thermostat programming and heat pump repairs, but my main focus is still the arts, although now I have switched to a career in music. Have a good one.

Going to Train a Kid at the Beach Soon

I’ve become one of those old pro sports players that the kids all wanna be.

I used to play tournaments for years in beach volleyball and won money and prizes over the years but never made it to the top level of pros. I still had a great time playing and meeting all of the crazy players over the years. I’ve had so many fond memories and experiences from the sport and am now helping kids learn it so they can feel the same things. I work for the local business in my town selling HVAC equipment and doing some service calls on units in people’s homes. I also work for another local business selling surfboards and beach gear to the local surfers, which is a great job as it gets me around all of those carefree wave chasers. So today I need to run to the HVAC company and grab a furnace filter as mine is shot and needs to be replaced. Then I am going to come home and pack up my things and head to the beach to meet this kid and talk to him about a training regime. My HVAC tech buddy is going to meet me at the beach and we are going to try and play some games if there are enough nets. Sometimes we have too many players and not enough nets though so who knows if I will play today or not. I’ve been sitting home in the air conditioning and now it is time to go out and get some natural climate control and sun.

Heating technician

I Found the Answer to my Heating Dilemma; The Lottery!

This was my friend’s solution to retirement back when I was younger and it just sounds so ridiculous.

I know it’s not the answer but it’s nice to dream.

Actually, in all honesty, I would NOT want to win the lottery in the end because I know that for 85% of the people who won it ended up worse off than before the win. They were either bankrupt, dead, or in prison after five years of winning the cash. I couldn’t imagine getting 285 million dollars in one day after working at an HVAC company for $75 a day. It sounds like a dream but ends up being a nightmare. Your freedom is gone and your life gets very hectic and complicated. That doesn’t sound like a dream to me. The local business that sold the winning one.7 billion dollar ticket was swamped afterwards by people thinking they could win again from buying there. I am happy with my job working for the local contractor and not having my phone ring non stop with solicitors looking to take some of my money. All of your long lost “friends” and relatives end up reconnecting with you again “just to say hi”. My HVAC rep told me that you end up with a lot more stress and die younger after winning that kind of money. I know you’re saying “yeah, whatever, I’ll still take the money”, but what happens after you have everything you want and still feel empty inside? You would probably find a way to try and fill that emptiness with bad habits. Keep your job at the local business and just enjoy life, it doesn’t get any better.

Air conditioning maintenance

Is Electric Heating Cheaper Than Air Conditioning?

Well, I just looked on Google for the answer and it isn’t so promising.

It said that heating a house uses about four times the amount that cooling uses so it looks like my power bills will go even higher.

I need to find another solution because the winters here can be brutally cold. Maybe I’ll just have to wear more clothes in the house and grin and bear it because there is no way I can afford heating bills of $2400 every two months. I don’t know how people are going to survive the winter when their incomes are barely enough to pay the rent. I will go and talk with the heating and cooling provider near me for some answers but we still have a couple of months till the cold season is upon us. I may have to let my cats sleep with me at night so we can all stay warm this winter. I guess they don’t mind because they have a fur coat on that acts as a nice (and cheap) heating device. I will do some research online and look for ways to save money this winter with heating the house. This place is very well insulated at least so I won’t have to heat it too much to get some comfort. Maybe heated floors would be cheaper than using the main HVAC system to warm the place but I’m not sure that they would heat it up enough here. Maybe I’ll just sleep in the sun next to my big sliding glass door.

heated floors

Just Tried to Sleep but my Mind Wouldn’t Allow It

My mind likes to keep me awake with incessant thinking about things that make no sense.

I was going over all of the different sports in my mind and how they use the body to move the ball.

That was the important thing of utmost significance that I had to think about while trying to get some much needed rest. I guess it’ll have to wait till tonight. I may have to run the AC tonight when I sleep because last night was fruitless with the heat in my room. The problem I am having is that my power bills are so high when the air conditioning is running that it keeps me awake just thinking about the money flying out the window. Or maybe it’s flying in the window, but it isn’t staying in my pocket. My HVAC rep told me to just buy a small portable AC unit for a couple hundred bucks and cool the room that way. The only issue is I have a window that slides left and right and there will be a huge gap above the AC unit if I try to fit it in there. Maybe the local business has a solution that would work with my kind of window. There must be an answer. I tried closing the vents in the other rooms at night but my power bill is still really high. I guess I should have gotten the zoned cooling and heating when I had the chance. The solution will find me and all will work out so I’m not too worried.


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