Honeymoon cruise ship has A/C issue

I have never felt the desire to go on a cruise.

Not in 56 years have I ever wished to bounce around on the sea, trapped with thousands of other people.

However, my new wife feels very differently. She is very outgoing and she booked us a 12 day cruise for our honeymoon. I didn’t want to disappoint her so I went along. I was miserable the whole time. I took my seasickness medicine but it didn’t help much. My wife was eating at the buffet constantly but I could barely touch food without feeling sick. And then the air conditioner on the ship started to malfunction. It was not just in our room either. Half of the ship was having an air conditioning issue. I guess they have two air conditioning systems. One in the front and one in the back. The air conditioning system in the front is the one that was only working intermittently. That is where our room was located. This is also where the main dining room was located. I have to say that the lack of air conditioning did nothing to improve my sea sickness. Needless to say, I was very happy when we finally got back to our home port and we were able to go home. It was a memorable honeymoon, I have to say that. But it was memorable for the wrong reasons. Oh well, at least we can start our lives from here on out. Our house has good air conditioning and doesn’t bounce all over the place. But, my wife had fun and that’s all that counts.

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New HVAC company is great

She also saved a lot of money and her air conditioner works good now too.

When my air conditioner stopped working I started asking around to find a reputable, local HVAC company who might be able to fix it. For some reason, my neighbors all told me not to use the new HVAC company in town. They said to stick to the company that has been here for generations. I kept trying to find out why I shouldn’t use the new HVAC company. After all, they had some really good coupons they had mailed out. None of my neighbors could give me a good answer. After probing a little more it became apparent to me that none of them had used the new HVAC company. They just didn’t trust them. I don’t think that is fair. Why should the old HVAC company get all of the business? So I decided to call the new HVAC company and take advantage of their coupons. The owner of the company himself came out and worked on my air conditioner. He got it up and running in no time and he didn’t charge very much. I was very pleased. So, a week later when another neighbor was looking for air conditioning repair I told her to use the new HVAC company. I vouched for them and she listened. She also saved a lot of money and her air conditioner works good now too. I will keep doing this until they don’t need my help anymore. After all, we need to help each other out. I like to see someone trying something new. It is brave and I would hope that someone would do the same for me if I tried to open a company.

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I feel very warm around Grandpa

When my grandfather invited me to visit him I gladly said yes.

I never knew my grandfather when I was growing up.

This is because my dad and his dad had a huge rift at one point and Grandpa was cut out of our lives. That is very unfortunate. Anyway, I found him through some internet searches and we got to chatting. A few months later he invited me to visit. My wife and I took a late-night flight and I got to meet my grandfather for the first time since I was a little baby. I assumed we would be sleeping in a spare bedroom in Grandpa’s house but instead he directed us to a camping trailer from the 1960’s that was parked in his yard. It looked nice and was all fixed up. What I liked most about the trailer was that it has this amazing faux fireplace space heater thing. It is built into the side of the trailer and faces the bed. It kept my wife and I super warm and comfortable all night long. In the morning we all went out to breakfast and this cozy little cafe that had a real fireplace. I don’t know if it was all of the fireplaces and heater or what but I felt very warm around my grandfather. It was like I had known him my whole life. He never brought up the feud he had with my father and we just picked up a relationship. Now we are planning a camping trip together in the summer. Apparently the trailer has a good air conditioner too. I am looking forward to it.


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Smart thermostat helps when I’m sick

I have been up all night sick.

I knew I should have eaten at that restaurant for dinner.

It had a really bad health rating. However, my friend swore it was a really good place and that she eats there all the time. So I gave in and gave it a try. Now I feel awful. I keep puking even though there is nothing left in my belly. I also feel super hot one minute and freezing cold the next. I definitely have food poisoning. I’ve already called out sick to work tomorrow morning. I refuse to take any medication to make me feel better because I think it is better that I get rid of this terrible food. However, I feel bad for my dog. Every time I get up and dash to the bathroom I wake him up. He looks worried and he keeps following me. I told him to go to sleep but he’s not listening. There is not much I can do. I am grateful for my smart thermostat through this sickness though. I can control the temperature with my voice or on my phone. So as I get hot I can turn the heater down. When I get cold I turn it back up. I do all of this without having to walk to the thermostat. That is nice at least. I would wake my dog up a lot more if he was constantly following me to the thermostat. I hope I feel better soon and that I get at least a few hours of sleep. I am exhausted. Also, I am tired of being sick.



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Camping is no fun without heat

When my friend invited me on a camping trip I said yes. After all, I hadn’t been camping in a few years. I used to care about camping although I just hadn’t gone in a long time. So as the date of the camping trip approached I got all my gear together plus made sure everything was in great condition. I especially made sure that my little camp space boiler was still laboring because I saw that the temperature was going to drop steeply at night during the camping trip, and unluckyly, I couldn’t use the little space boiler because this was a primitive campground plus there was no electricity at the campsites. That first night in the tent I was frigid frigid without heat. It didn’t help that I had accidentally brought a child’s sleeping bin instead of my big, heavy sleeping bin either. Needless to say, I didn’t get any sleep. While kneeling away at night with no heat I had made up my mind that I would go back dwelling first thing in the day. However, when I told my friend this he recommended that my buddy and I rent a home instead. This turned out to be a wonderful idea. The cabins have gas boilers plus they are unquestionably hot plus comfortable; Of course, the gas boiler wasn’t on when my buddy and I first entered the home but once my buddy and I turned it on it warmed up the home unquestionably quickly. I finally felt less grumpy plus I certainly took a nap near the heater. When I woke up, I was ready for some hiking plus camping fun.


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