My school was always so cold

I have so many good memories of my childhood.

I know I tend to romanticize the past, but I really think that I had an amazing childhood.

I was one of those few children who loved school. I did not love it for the sake of learning though. I loved it for the friends that I had there. There was always something that I did not like about school and that was how cold the school was kept. The only room that was always warm was the lunch room, so it was my favorite “class” of the day. I can remember several times asking my teachers if they would turn the temperature up just a little, and they always responded that they were hot because they were constantly walking around. No matter what time of the year it was, I always wore a long sleeved shirt and a jacket throughout the school. It was so cold. I had one substitute teacher who did not like it so cold in the classrooms, so she would always mess with the thermostat, and I tried to make sure that I thanked her for it. I think it is sad that we had to go to school and freeze, but it was simply the way that things were. I asked my mom if her school was the same way when she was growing up, and she said that it was not that way but quite the opposite. It was always very warm especially during gym class. I am not sure what would be worse, being too cold at school or being too warm. My children never complain about the temperature at school, so I am glad that they are content.



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I cannot seem to keep my office the right temperature

My husband and I moved halfway across the country about two years ago because he was offered a great position in a new business. I then had to find a new job which I did not look forward to, but thankfully, I found one within a weeks of searching. I have a higher paying job which is nice, but I have to say that many of my coworkers are quite hard to get along with. I left a job filled with friends, and I just do not see myself developing many friendships here. I do have one loyal friend that I am thankful for, but the rest of my coworkers seem to hate their jobs as well as their lives. I have had trouble lately with the temperature in my office. I set the thermostat just where I want it to be, but it always ends up in a different place by the end of the day. One of my coworkers told me that she saw another coworker going into my office to put some papers on my desk during my lunch break, and he was the only person who went into my office besides me that entire day. I hated to suggest that he had been messing with my thermostat, but I could not come up with any other logical explanation. I did something quite naughty yesterday and set up a camera in my office so that when I went to lunch break I could see what went on. Sure enough, that same coworker as yesterday dropped some things off in my office and turned my thermostat up. I do not understand why, but I am going to have to report him now that I have video evidence.

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My air conditioner needs to be cleaned quite often

Living in the country is something that I knew I would always do. I just love the country, and I could not imagine myself living in the city where there are people everywhere. I know that there are many benefits to living in the city such as being close to stores and necessities. Where I live now, I am about forty minutes away from the closest grocery store and gas station. To me, the benefits of living in the country outweigh the troubles that come along with it. I have noticed that since I moved out to the house that I am in now, my air conditioner has to be cleaned much more often. I have to clean my air conditioner about three times a month. I only cleaned my air conditioner about one time a year when I lived in my first house. I have a complete dirt driveway now, so I think that has added to the dirt that gets into my house. I noticed that my air conditioner stops blowing out cool air like it is supposed to about every week and a half. I take out the filter and clean it along with the rest of the air conditioner. I find that the air conditioner is filled with dirt and dust. It is quite a pain to keep up with it, but it is worth it. Once I clean out the air conditioner, it works so much better. It blows cold air, and the house stays cool once again. Even though it can be a pain, cleaning my air conditioner is a must.

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I have trouble changing air conditioning filters

I love my job, but no job is perfect.

I drive a school bus for a living.

I live in a relatively small town, and the people are so kind. They take care of their children and teach them manners and how to behave on the bus. I have only had to write up a child for misbehavior one time in my entire career. People often tell me that I am crazy for loving my job as a bus driver, but they do not understand how well behaved the children on my bus are. The only thing that I do not like about working at the bus garage is that I do not have work for the summertime. It is not that I need the money, but rather that I need something to do during the summer months. I like to keep myself busy. Last summer, I did some HVAC work. Well, it was not really HVAC work because all I did was clean air conditioners for the entire summer. I worked in a few businesses that a friend of mine owned, and there were a total of two hundred and fifty individual air conditioning units in the buildings that I worked on. Cleaning and maintaining the air conditioners was all that I did. I had no experience prior which I did not think would be a problem because I was just going to be cleaning air conditioners all day long. I was asked to change the air conditioning filters in particular air conditioners throughout the buildings, and it was quite a challenge for me. There were different brands and units, so I had to figure out how all of them worked and which filters were needed. I am glad I was able to keep busy, but I do not think I will do that job again.

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I have trouble heating my garage

My parents owned a beautiful house for many years, and I have so many memories as a child in that house. I wish that they did not have to sell it, but it was time. My parents are getting older, and they were not able to take care of the big, old house that they lived in. I offered to let them come live with me, and they readily accepted. They both knew that they needed help doing day to day task, and I would be able to help them. I have a finished basement where my parents live which allows them to feel independent. I check on them everyday to make sure that they are doing okay. They also share a garage with me which has been a point of contention. They are used to having an attached, heated garage, but my garage is detached from my house, and it is not heated. They have trouble with the cold, so they tend not to want to go anywhere because the garage is so cold. I told them that I would start their vehicle a couple minutes before they wish to leave so that it is warm, but they think it is a waste of fuel. I really would like them to get out more, so I have been trying to heat my garage at least a little bit. I bought a kerosene heater that I put in the garage. I turn it on early in the morning, so the garage is warm by the time my parents want to go out. I think it is working because they have went out quite a bit more since I started heating the garage. Their logic about it is funny, but I am glad that they are happy.

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