I broke my space heater somehow

I have no idea how my children break just about everything that I get them.

  • I try not to buy them really cheap toys because they tend to break on their own, but my children literally break solid wooden toys.

I think it is a talent of theirs. Sometimes, I really cannot figure out how they break the things that I find broken in the trash can. I ask them, and they try to explain it to me, but it usually does not make much sense. My favorite excuse that they come up with is that they dropped it out the window. They do drop some things out the window of their bedroom for fun, but they try to use that excuse with just about everything that they break. I guess I cannot blame them too much because I recently broke my electric space heater, and I have no idea how I did it. I used the space heater in my office because it was a little chilly in that room. I really enjoyed having a space heater right next to me, so I decided to move the space heater to the living room one night while I was watching a movie. It turned out to be a bad idea because when I plugged it into the wall in the living room and tried to turn it on, nothing happened. I was so disappointed. I thought that it was the outlet, but I plugged the heater into a different wall in a different room, and it would not work. I have no idea what I did, but I broke my space heater.

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My Aunt likes to keep her house pretty chilly

Everyone has a crazy Aunt.

Well, at least, I do. I love my Aunt to death, but she has some weird habits. She is always dressing up as some character. Usually, it is a character from a movie. I have asked her why she dresses up almost every single day, and she just says that she does it because she loves it. I do not understand it, but it makes for some interesting looks at the grocery store, and it is very entertaining. My husband refuses to go to her house because he thinks that she is insane. She may be insane, but she is my Aunt, and I love her regardless of her sanity. Something else that she does that is sort of weird is she keeps her house at about fifty-five degrees. She is very wealthy, so she does not do it to save money. She simply does it because she likes to be cold. I do not like to bring my kids to her house when I go because I am afraid that they will get sick. She has invited our whole family over several times, but it is just too cold to be over there for more than just an hour or so. I told her that we would come over if she turned the heat up a little bit, but she got quite offended at my request, so I haven’t brought it up. I truly hope that she decided to warm up her house a bit because I really want my children to get to know her a little bit better.


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Heating our basement was not an easy task

My husband, Vince, and I bought our first home about three years ago. We had been married for over ten years at that point, but we never settled into one area long enough to buy a home there. We had to move quite a bit because of my husband’s job. I am so thankful that he switched positions at his job, so that we could actually settle down and buy a home. It is sort of an older style home. It has lots of room as opposed to an open floor plan. I actually prefer the more traditional style home, so I love our house. There are five bedrooms upstairs, and the downstairs area is very large and homey. We also have a huge basement. Even though the kids each have their own bedroom, they really wanted somewhere to rough house and play together. We decided that the basement would be perfect for that. The only issue with using the basement was that it got really chilly down there during the wintertime. There was no heat down there, so we had to come up with our own heating system. We had two electric space heaters that we tried putting down there, but it just did not cut it. It is such a big area, and those electric space heaters only got it up to around fifty degrees. I know the kids would have been fine with that, but I wanted it to be a bit warmer for them. We eventually decided on getting a propane fireplace to go down there. It works great, and along with one of the electric heaters, it keeps the basement at about seventy degrees.

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I needed to find a way to heat my bathroom

My husband and I have lived in the same house for over twenty-five years, and I love my home.

The longer that I live here though the more I find wrong with it. Whoever built our home did some strange things. I do not know if it was to save money, time, or effort but it tends to be quite annoying. We discovered that many of our outlets were not put in the right way which is not a huge deal, but it took my husband many hours to go through and change them all. I also found that the floor in the dining room is not level whatsoever. If I put any kind of spherical decoration on the table, it rolls off. By far, the most bothering thing that we have dealt with through the years is that the upstairs bathroom does not have any heat running to it. It is always freezing in that bathroom, and it is the bathroom closet to our bedroom. Neither of us want to walk downstairs to go to the restroom in the middle of the night, but having to sit on a freezing cold toilet in the middle of the night is not much fun either. During the winter months, the upstairs bathroom gets as cold as the outside if we do not put any type of heater in the bathroom. We have a small space heater that we put in there, but it is still not very warm; although it keeps the bathroom above freezing. My husband is trying to find a way to run the heat from the furnace into the bathroom. Who knows why the builders did not run heat into the bathroom, but I sure hope we can figure out a way to get some heat there soon.

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I wish I would have brought my space heater camping with me

My parents have always been into camping, and it is something that I have never really been into.

It was fun as a little girl to go camping with the family, but as I got older, I liked it less and less. I am more of a city girl at heart I think. My brothers love camping just as much as my parents do, so I am the only one in the family that does not like camping. My mom understands me the most, so she plans a trip about once a year where we all go shopping and get a hotel for a couple of nights. Because she does this for me, I usually go camping with my family once a year even though I do not like to. Our last camping trip was so cold! We went camping in the middle of June, so none of us thought that it would be cold. Every other year that we went in June was very warm. It was so cold this year that I literally asked my dad if he would go to the store and buy a space heater for me to put in my tent. He actually looked into getting one for me, but the closest store that sold space heaters was over a hundred miles away, so I did not want him to have to drive that far just for a space heater. My mom did bring a little electric heater for her tent that she lent to me for the rest of the camping trip. That little heater actually helped keep my tent much warmer, but I still longed for a larger space heater. Next year, I am most certainly bringing my space heater just in case it is as cold as it was this past year.


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