Sounding like old man over thermostat

When I heard her say but it’s only air conditioning, I sort of smiled inside

Every now and again, I definitely sound just like my old man. Were he around to hear me admit that, he’d be overjoyed. That’s because when he would holler at me for messing with the thermostat, I was always like but it’s only air conditioning. His response was always the same. He’d put the thermostat setting back where he wanted it first. Then, he’d threaten me with big trouble if I moved it again. Of course, I would repeat that it’s only air conditioning and he’d launch into the costs of taking care of a family. Once the sermon would come to a close, he would tell me to just wait until I had a family of my own. Well, dad left us way too early but at least he got to see two of his three grandchildren get born. He was so proud of me being a homeowner and a family man. But he’d sure get a kick out of hearing me holler at my own kids when it comes to the thermostat setting. For sure, dad was spot on when it comes to all it takes to provide for a family. And this generation has a bunch of added costs mine didn’t. So I have to be so on top of all our household costs in order to maintain the household budget and keep us out of the red. It was really funny the other day when my daughter used the line on me that I once used on my dad. When I heard her say but it’s only air conditioning, I sort of smiled inside. I could just feel my dad laughing his head off because I now know exactly what he was talking about.


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Exercise comes with great air conditioning

If there is one thing we can’t get enough of where I live, I’d have to say it’s probably air conditioning.

From the commercial HVAC at work to the central air conditioning at home, I’m never really getting all the cooling comfort I actually want.

The commercial HVAC at work isn’t really something I can do much about. So I bring in a fan for my desk and just deal with it. In this region, air conditioning is something that we deal with for pretty much 8 months out of the year. I do my best to just get as acclimated as I can at work and at home. We keep a pretty tight rein on the thermostat setting at home during the warmer parts of the year. Otherwise, air conditioning costs can spiral out of control and just wreck our household budget. But there was one place where I just couldn’t stand the heat and humidity any longer. That place was the gym. The gym I belonged to must have had some old or overwhelmed commercial HVAC equipment. Granted, there are so many bodies creating heat energy in that building while it gets so hot outside. Still, I just couldn’t deal with it so I decided to move my exercise to my home. And the HVAC company sure helped me out with that endeavor. I found all the equipment I needed online at incredible prices from folks who never used it. So that left me some money to have a ductless heat pump put in the basement. Now, I’m exercising at home, in my basement with all the air conditioning I could ever want.


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Ductwork cleaning results are awesome

I tend to sometimes fall for stuff that just sounds way too good to be true. This is not something that I like to admit and especially to my wife. But when it came to ductwork cleaning, I was absolutely right and I’m so glad to get one correct. There have been TV’s, car accessories and many other gadgets that I have purchased which immediately proved to be garbage. My wife gives it to me with relish when I make these errors because I can be a bit tight with money. Of course, inside the central air conditioning of our home, it’s our money. Yet, I tend to be the one who asks questions about whether we really need something or not. And then, I’ll go out and impulsively purchase something that sucks. So you can see where my wife is coming from. When I told her that I had used a coupon from the HVAC company to set an appointment for ductwork cleaning, she sort of rolled her eyes. It sounded to her like another thing that I did spur of the moment because there was a coupon. But I had heard about this HVAC service and I knew that the air ducts had never been cleaned in all the years we’d lived in this house. The HVAC technicians could not have been more careful inside our house nor more thorough with the ductwork cleaning. They also followed that up with ductwork resealing. My wife was so impressed with the results that I even got a pat on the back!


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HVAC addition produces healthy air

I’m on a health kick and it’s going on three years now.

  • This is something that I did ever so begrudgingly.

But two plus years into it, I’m actually really glad that I decided to do more when it came to looking after my health. It all started with little things like just getting up out of my chair inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. My wife bought me a desk riser because she read something about sitting being the new smoking. So just standing up inside the commercial HVAC was the first step on this journey. It wasn’t like I was in terrible health or just grossly out of shape either. Yet, I was not doing what a 48 year old man needs to do to be in optimum health either. I have a lot I want to do once I’m done working so it seemed like the right thing to start doing. My next steps were actually getting out of the air conditioning at lunch for a walk and then again in the evening. These small steps started to accumulate and before long, I had changed my diet, exercise and rest behaviors all for the better. The healthier I got, the more I wanted to do as I’ve been sort of caught up in this healthy momentum. Recently, I targeted the indoor air quality of our home for an upgrade to much, much healthier air. The HVAC professionals installed a whole home air purification system inside the HVAC unit. This thing doesn’t miss anything when it comes to wiping out indoor air contaminants and allergens. Now I have the healthiest air to add to my fitness evolution.



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Grilled cheese sandwich and a space heater

Today is a good day for a hot grilled cheese sandwich and a nice warm bowl of tomato soup. I like to eat this for lunch a couple times a week, and the rest of the week I keep to my salad and tuna regime. Too much cheese is bad for the heart so I try to avoid it the other days of the week except when I am having my cheese and crackers with a friend. We like to keep warm with a portable unit next to us, so today we will talk about how it works. A propane space heater works by burning propane gas to produce heat. Propane is a highly flammable gas that is stored in a tank and can be used as a fuel source for heating. When the heater is turned on, the propane gas flows through a burner and ignites, producing a flame. The flame heats a heat exchanger, which is a metal component that transfers the heat to the surrounding air. The heated air is then circulated into the room by a fan or blower. Propane space heaters are a popular choice for outdoor and indoor use because they are portable and easy to use. They are ideal for use in garages, workshops, patios, or for outdoor events. They are also often used as a backup heat source during power outages. Propane space heaters come in a variety of sizes, from small personal heaters to large industrial heaters. They are also available in different designs, including wall-mounted heaters, free-standing heaters, and heaters that can be hung from the ceiling. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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