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It was pretty insane but my muscles are still pretty sore from the crazy ball game I played two afternoons ago.

I anticipate that by tomorrow both my back and knees will feel considerably better.

In addition, I’ve been experiencing some elbow pain that seems to be tennis elbow from when I used to play tennis, and which may require a cortisone shot if it doesn’t go away on its own. Yesterday morning, I had a very difficult time rousing myself from sleep on my own, so I think a few good naps in the afternoon would be very beneficial. Fixing the furnace and air conditioner isn’t easy when you’re in so much pain, so I’ll have to cut back on my beach volleyball games and put in more hours at the furnace and air conditioning shop. Tomorrow night I have a gig with my band, and I need to be at my absolute best on the drums. My knees and lower back have been giving me trouble, so I guess I’ll be using the freezing laser I have for therapy this week. I plan on stopping by the new shop that opened nearby last month, where a local business sells excellent pain-relieving freezing gel. I plan on putting in an hour of work from home this afternoon and then soaking in the sea to relieve my aching muscles and joints. This weekend I have a lot of work to do cleaning out air ducts, and I can’t afford to be in pain while working on the HVAC system with my friend.


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Last cooling system assignment to do

My best friend and I are going to do some yoga together while listening to my Spanish podcast, so this is my last article. Immediately following my yoga session, I plan on driving the 45 minutes to my neighbor’s house, where I intend to listen to the podcast in its entirety before paying her a visit. After that, my neighbor and his dog and I will take a three-minute stroll to the beach for a walk. I enjoy living here because it’s easy to get around on two wheels and you can save a lot of money by not owning a car. Recharging the cooling system, getting new tires, and switching oil are just a few of the many regular maintenance items for a car. When I added up the monthly costs associated with owning and maintaining my car in the United States, including the car payment, I was spending around $780. Now that I know how to regulate my body temperature naturally, I can enjoy the city on my bike year-round, regardless of the weather. My best friend and I live in a relatively warm climate, so we never have to worry about extreme cold or snow, and our summers are pleasant without being oppressively hot. During the roughly two months that we experience summer, my best friend and I only need air conditioning for one of those months, instead of relying on ceiling fans and other portable cooling devices. I have found a home in this little town, and I intend to spend the rest of my life here, working, and having a blast. I hope you have a comfortable environment at home and lots of luck.


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A hangover and a broken down electric heat pump are a terrible combination

Even in my hangover state, I could not deny it was my doing

I could swear I had dislocated my hip joint when I woke up; I must have fallen the previous night, but my memory was hazy. Going out now is very different now that I am in my thirties. One Friday night out, and I will pay for it the whole weekend. Last Friday, I went out with my friends and could barely get out of bed on Saturday. The cold woke me up, so I dragged myself to the digital thermostat. I needed clarification on why the electric heat pump had switched off, and when I switched it on again, it switched off after a few minutes. I just wore a sweater, added an extra duvet, and continued sleeping. I called the local service provider at around noon on Saturday. After inspecting the cooling equipment, the cooling technician informed me that I had neglected the climate control system by not calling the cooling corporation for quality AC service and maintenance, which could have easily prevented the breakdown and saved me the repair cost. It was true that I had ignored what was once quality HVAC. I only called the HVAC business for AC filters and other such things. I could only get away from a/c care for so long. The HVAC contractor told me that if I had let it go any further, I would have been forced to buy a new cooling unit that utilized the same cooling technology if I so wished. Even in my hangover state, I could not deny it was my doing. The cooling specialist worked on the HVAC installation until it could help with indoor comfort. When he left, I dragged myself to bed, but not before I sprayed a pain balm on the affected area. Once I was up, I called my friends to find out what had happened.


A hangover and a broken down electric heat pump are a terrible combination

Asking the HVAC contractor endless questions as he worked

I grabbed a water bottle from the refrigerator and downed it in one long guzzle.

I tossed it in the trash can and grimaced when it popped back out and fell on the floor.

I have never been one to have an overflowing trash can, but since Lena had been staying with me, the condition of my house had gone downhill. She was a messy guest who only did a little cleaning up after herself. The last incident with her was when she set the thermostat so low and fell asleep; it felt like walking into a cold room when I got home from work. My first thought was to call the HVAC business to send a cooling technician to my house. Lena chose that moment to walk in and comment on how she must have tampered with the climate control settings. I had had enough of her never-ending chain of annoying events at that point. I called the cooling corporation the previous week to confirm that someone would be home for quality AC service and maintenance. The HVAC contractor was on his way out after ringing the bell for minutes before she turned up. She bombarded him with questions about the cooling unit claiming that she wanted to buy an electric heat pump. The new system would have to incorporate the latest cooling technology because she wanted everything manageable. She made him tell her all about the HVAC brands in the market and told him she would personally call him for the HVAC installation. Her house needed help with indoor comfort, but it had been a month, and she had yet to make any effort toward fixing the cooling equipment. At first, she had told me that she was waiting for feedback from the cooling specialist, only to find out later that she hadn’t even called the local service provider.

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Furnace filter in the works

So in essence, I just need to earn $500 a month from my HVAC tech job for the local contractor each month to pay for my living here on the coast of a really pretty town in the Mediterranean

I can finish my writing work in the next half hour, which puts me right on track to being done with my workday by 3pm like I usually do. I will rest for an hour after that and then head to a client’s flat on my street to pick up an extra $20 for an easy 30 minute yoga session. My bills are down to about $850 after getting paid for yoga each month, which makes it really easy to make because I also get $350 a month from managing properties online for my brother. My brother owns a local business way over in the Far East, and he has lived there for a long time and pays me to fix air conditioners and collect rent each month. So after making that money each month my monthly bills are down to $500 a month. So in essence, I just need to earn $500 a month from my HVAC tech job for the local contractor each month to pay for my living here on the coast of a really pretty town in the Mediterranean. I think I have reached my dream now and all I have to do from here on out is just wake up each day and live it. I have a nice air conditioned and heated flat, a lovely wife and three cats, a cool passion for playing music in a band in climate controlled clubs and ski lodges, and another passion for playing two on two beach volleyball. I would say that is pretty cool living at 56 years old, right?

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